My Daughters Pee Outside Naked

it was a hot summer day the girls abigail and hope were waching tv when they both needed to go pee we had one bathroom so they went outside with me trailing behind them they found a spot in the large gap between the tall wall and our shed the take their shirt off and i asked them why hope said" daddy we are gonna pee naked " that was ok with me as long as they dont get seen by others so we hung large blankets from the wall to the roof of the shed and they started peeing i had to go too so i joined them with my cloths on after they finished we left the blankets up in case if they had to go again as we were walking abigail asks " did my penis look big while i was peeing ? " i reponded " no sweetheart your penis wasnt big its just you dont have one " " oh i see god cut my penis off so i look pretty

well that was the day that as a parent to let your kids pee outside buck ******* naked would you let them do that if you had two daughters who had to pee
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I go out with my daughters Gwen and Serena at night time and they pee and poop in the creak in the local park. Also night time gives us cover just so we don't get caught