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I Was An Expert!!!

I can't really remember what year it started or why I started doing it?  I would peek at the Christmas gifts.  I must of been at least 10 years old.  I had a younger brother, we're 6 years apart.  I would have my little brother as the lookout guy, to make sure that no one would catch me.  I would meticulously unwrap the tape on one side of the gift, just enough to take a peek inside the gift.  Then I would wrap it back making sure that the tape was placed exactly on the spot where it belonged.  My heart would be pounding with excitment!!!  Not just from peeking at the gifts but also because I might get caught!!!  My little brother (the lookout guy) would be telling me hurry up sister, someones coming!!!No one was coming after all,  it was just a car passing.  There he'd go back to his watch post and I'd go back to the gifts.  One year I knew what all my sisters and brother and I were getting.  I never got caught.  No one ever knew what I was doing, well not until we were grown ups and my brother let the cat out of the bag. 

Now my family to this day will never let me forget it.  They even told my children and now they tell my granddaughter.  My grandsons not old enough to understand yet but I'm sure my sisters and brother will make sure to tell my grandson as soon as he can understand.  One or two of the younger children would also do this many years after I did.  My family would say, they took after me, hehe.  Except they were'nt as good as I am cause they got caught.  Even now they don't trust me with Christmas gifts.  I tell them I don't do that anymore,and I really don't.  They still don't trust me when it comes to Christmas gifts!!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 10 Responses Sep 30, 2008

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Well my grandson peeked at his gifts and actually took the one to school!!! I don't even know what to think about it! I know kids peek, but to actually open it and take the mp3 player to school!! what was he thinking, he's 11 and knows better.


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Lol,thats funny fungirl.I hate it that I'm 50 years old and they still talk about what I did to the christmas gifts as a child,I will never live it down,lol!!

Hehe I did too Lily. I taught my nephew the trick too and I am sure that he still does it. I remember the last Christmas I spent with him he blurted out that he loved the Remote Control Truck that was in the Santa paper. My brother just looked at me with a knowing look. LOL

I must have done a good job at acting surprised since no one ever caught on.It helped that everyone was busy opening their own gifts.

Hmmmm....Lily and Orchid. What a lovely bouquet you two make.

I never opened a single gift that hadn't already been unwrapped. The hard part was working on my "surprised " act.

We'll never live it down.I did'nt do it once I did it for a few years with my trusted lookout guy,even though he finally told later on.

OMG this is my exact story. I too, once peaked at a couple of Christmas gifts. My mother found out and fussed at me, but EVERY year I hear the same story. I don't do it anymore, but still get a bad rap.