And Would Like to Again, Though I've Switched to Non-fiction, More Often...

I used to read a lot of fiction, my reading lists being guided by some romantic sorts I used to know, an ex boss of mine + an architect friend, them both recommending a bunch of authors I think of, now, as kind of dreamy.

Authors I remember enjoying include Milan Kundera, Hemingway, Julian Barnes, Walker Percy, et al.

Now, I'm way more into non-fiction, self-imrovement, linguistics, The Economist, how to do things, and the like. I wish I had more commuting time, to squeeze in more reading, again.

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1 Response Aug 1, 2009

Me too, fiction was my addiction as a kid. Now I´m more in need of reality I guess. Although I still love novels I just don´t get into them as easily. A shame really.<br />
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Did you get my other comment? I couldn´t reply to your message because it said you didn´t allow messages from people who aren´t added as friends. but i do career mentoring, I have three women now who I´m mentoring in that way in real life, and I´d like to try doing it over e-mail as well so if you are still interested let me know.