Self Harm

I want to believe there is always hope,

And hey maybe there is....

All I can do now is wait

I .....

I feel useless... slumped on my seat

Yet there is nothing I can do to prevent

This messed up misery

I glance briefly at the sharp blade.

Its beautiful silver glint winks back at me

Should I? Do I dare?

I take a look outside my window

As if the sky holds the answer to my question


The clouds float on by as if ignoring my question


I take the knife and test it on my skin

Its touch is cool and calm

I draw it deeper into me

Poke at my wrist until something red comes out

I carve some patterns

In a state of oblivion
I cannot feel a thing

Yet watching the blood trickle down slowly,

So bright and red....

So..entrancing, I do not even notice

Tears are clouding my vision

Tears of happiness?

I feel free.....
laurie37 laurie37
18-21, F
May 22, 2012