You Don't Own All The Problems In The World!

I have to tell myself this a lot. Suffering from a mood disorder coupled with Anxiety and Depression like most Mental Illness Sufferers, I hold onto things. A lot. I have to tell you this awesome analogy that I was told by someone really close to me. For all those who like me, keep piling problems onto their own plate until it just gets too heavy and you drop the bundle, this is a cool little piece of advice to remember.

You are one player in a game of catch, there are other players who are either other people in your life or just random nameless players. There are many balls going around the circle, some are new and shiny and bouncy and beautiful, some are old and ratty and deflated. You will have many balls thrown to you, each ball represents an experience either good or bad and can become either a negative problem or a positive experience. Each time a ball is thrown to you, you are presented with a choice, catch it, or let it go right past you. If you like the look of the ball, (ie. it's new and shiny and bounces well or it's your favourite colour) catch it and enjoy it, if it's old and faded and ratty, let it go past you and don't go into the weeds after it.

When presented with experiences in life, if it doesn't affect you (be honest, does it really affect you) and you don't think it's good for you, leave it and wait for the next ball. Don't spend time playing with someone elses old, tattering, deflated balls (Megalol!) Spend your time and energy on the Awesomeness in life and leave the rest! :)

Much love xoxoxoxo
Butterflyshoes Butterflyshoes
22-25, F
Jul 25, 2012