Destroy What Destroys You<3

Im 16 years old, and i have had a rough life... I never thought i would have severe depression.. I used too always look in the mirror, and think "Wow i'm Fat" or "Eww I just look ugly" I tried everything too lose weight, I would eat only 200-600 calories a day, just because i wanted too.. But then i realized as weeks passed, i was losing weight, but also i was starving, i looked sick, my hair was falling out, my skin was pale white.. I thought too myself "What am I doing?" There's other ways i can settle this... I don't need too do this too myself, im young im still growing. (I was 14 by the way).. I started too eat right and more healthy, i wasn't fat at all anyways but i just wanted too Lose a few pounds here and there. And i Accomplished that by eating healthy, and being active...
But as days turned too months and months turned into years, i became severely depressed, I was never happy, Just thoughts of regret went through my head constantly, When i was upset, i reached for my blade... I have scars all over my legs, some on my arms, and i have words carved on my hand.. I never thought my life would turn into such a mess... I needed help.... One day i got soo sick of what i was doing too my body, my beautiful body, my skin. I wrote Destroy What Destroys You<3 all over my bedroom walls, over everything... And when i was having a bad day and wanted too reach for my blade i looked around, reading the words... Realizing Life is a beautiful place.. And you can get help in so many different ways then self harming.. Im going 1 year strong, without self harming.. My life is finally going back on track.. Just remember Destroy What destroys you<3
Breezy16 Breezy16
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2012