I Struggle

Okay, so my story is not a sob story or some depressed childhood. I am normal. By normal, I mean I was happy by definition.....until like middle school, like 8th grade. I have always been one to hold in my feelings, a bottle up type of person. In the 8th grade, a lot of things started to get to me. The summer before 9th grade, I began my self-mutiliation, and everything kind of fell apart after that. I remember the first day of ninth grade, wearing my long sleeves proudly, afraid to eat...a mess. But, one thing led ot another and like a month later, I was found out by my school counselor, and my cutting has sense been going in cycles. I can do up to 2-3 months no cutting or 30 a night. I am currently speaking with my guidance counselor and I am trying to get better. But, you know everyday is struggle. The reasons I cut before were family stress and school...and now, I am really just trying stop and break the habit, but it's definitely onething at a time. That is pretty much my story, but it is definitely a lot more complicated.
I hate this habit, because that and my eating just keeps going in spirals.
neverparis neverparis
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012