It Started With A Girl

I had a crush on in high school. She told me if I loved her I'd cut for her so of course I did it (I was in 8th grade). I used a metal nail file. I still have the scar from it on my right wrist .when my parents asked I blamed it on the dogs nails. Because I did it she went out with me on off for a year.

All throughout high school I would cut on my wrist anything sharp I could find. It helped eased the stress.

Flash forward to sophomore year of college. The worst night ever it was after a bond fire had a great time got home started to feel unwanted for no reason. That night I cut on both wrist using an xecto (I was an art major)blade did 15 cuts on each very deep (still have scars) and the very next day I was suppose to be someone's mentor. (Which I still was) had the school nurse bandage me up the next day started to see a therapist.

Flash forward again to sr year of college I was freaking about something and I cut once and that was the last time.

I haven't cut in 4 years yet I still think about doing it and how alive it made you feel. But the consequences afterwards I don't want that so I don't do it.

The time I did the 25 total cuts I took pictures to remind myself not to and I used it for a school project but I never want to recreate it again. I'm happy I was able to stop one of the many things.
Rlb12 Rlb12
22-25, F
Jan 24, 2013