Support From My Neighbors

I remember getting the Olympic Greeting Card Catalog and looking through it. I could not wait to start knocking on my neighbors door. They would always be polite and would invite me in and make their orders most time more than one.

I remember some neighbors would tell me that they would buy next time. They actually would.

I got a chance to know my neighbors. Who would buy what styles they liked.

Over the years I have continued to knock on my neighbors door. Selling things for my sons sports team or his school. I have even sold them knock-off designer fragrances.

When they see me they know that I am the neighborhood sales girl.

We live in different times now. Our children can't safely get this sales experience. Plus the youth today are to lazy.

I grew up and became what else. A auto sales person. I love the art of sales.

dbarber dbarber
Feb 16, 2009