It Is Something I Don't Miss

It is something that I detach from myself as having ever done

I used to be in a number of choirs as a child, and growing up.

I always was the one that had to sing the solos. 

I remember the first time I sang on stage on my own was in a competition, and a local newsreader was there, and as I was very young, this was a very big deal, and was somewhat starstruck

The first time I was made to sing solo was as a punishment, as I was talking in music lessons in primary school, the teacher brought me out to the front of the room, made me sing a solo and then instead of embarassing myself like she thought I would (all those hymns and sunday school singing lessons paid off), she instead put me in the school choir and gave me private singing lessons.

I have sang at concerts that were put on by aid agencies i was working with in Romania and Kosovo, in order to raise public awareness.

Now, I sing in the shower and car arenas alone

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Feb 26, 2009