Helo Skippers

Hy my name is Nasha.

I have been skipping  school since i was in 6 grade,it started out as a game,but unfortunately for me it turned to be a habit.

in 7 grade i skipped school for months! I don't know why...i just let go of myself,i remember wasting hours and hours ,days and days watching anime and other stuff instead of being a normal child,who goes to school.

You don't realize what shock it has been for my mother,who also at first thought it was cool for her child to skip some days,maybe she feels tired,maybe she just wants a day off and many many excuses,but as the time passed on, I began to skip more and more and before I knew it,the thought of me going the next day to school and taking some test was horrifyng.Don't get me wrong I wasn't in such bad terms with my classmates[although it's true that some of them were quite the jerkass type],so if you're going to ask if I was skipping school because of bullying,the answer is a reasounding NO.

Please help me,teach me not to be afraid because i have a test today and i need to go,but again something from me tells me not to leave the house.


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Mar 4, 2010