It's been 4 months now that I've been sober (except for weed).  I feel pretty good.  I was going crazy there for a while drinking all the time, and doing cocaine on weekends and even smoking crack.  Crack is what really pushed me off the deep end.  I am an addict meaning as soon as I take something, I can't stop.  Alcohol, cocaine, anything.  As soon as it's in my system I'm a whole different person.  That's why sobriety is so important to me b/c I can be myself.  I did terrible things while smoking crack.  Stole from my family, my friends, my co-workers, people that I love.  I've had to make a lot of apologies and amends but most people have been open-hearted and forgiving.  I just have to keep everything in perspective or I would think I am the devil or something.  I am a loving person as I normally am but drugs make me not that way.
ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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1 Response Jun 4, 2007

i'm glad you were able to leave that demon behind. it's really awful stuff (as if you didn't know - HA!) and the affects it has on your body after prolonged use ... ugh! good for you!