They Thought I Was "slow" Bad Teachers.

When I was a kid I used to stutter. I would get stuck on a word and just repeat the first syllable or two over and over. I was pretty quiet most of the time and my sister who was a year older usually talked for me. My mom didn't think much of it so neither did I. If I got stuck on a word my family would slow me down and help or just finish my words for me. We have a family video of me trying to talk about a swimming experience and stuttering profusely . My family thinks it's cute and funny but for me it is painful to watch because some of the phrases I was trying to speak still give me trouble today. But for the most part my family never bothered me about it save for my lil bro who occasionally jabs at me when I stutter(doesn't happen much)

For me kindergarten seemed to go just fine, I had my cousin in there so I hung with her and she was a chatter box so I think I went through unnoticed, but when I went into first grade one of my teachers (team taught) pinned a note to my shirt (I was like ???) to give to my mom. We had just finished our first week and she was concerned I might be slow or something. She moved me into a "special" group that went at a slower pace. Of-course my mom freaked out a little started watching me closer, but she never told me anything (I didn't read the letter) My school was poor so we didn't have special ed or anything so we would just separate from the main class for reading, writing and arithmetic. I could always read well, my sister and I both started before school, but I didn't read well aloud, stuttering and stammering. But worse than that was sitting there while the other kids in my group read, it was painfully slow. So I'd start to read ahead and when my turn came be lost which his made things worse. I figured out how to count ahead(we took turns by sentence) and save my spot, but sometimes I'd get caught up in the story and not pay attention to when it was my turn. For writing instead of doing essays or little stories we would write the alphabet. Math was all but non existent. I remember joining up with the rest of the class one day and they were working on there multiplication charts. It all made sense to me and seemed like fun but we weren't supposed to do anything so I just sat there and listened while the other kids worked.

Ms. Newman the teacher was also kinda mean. They also never asked me how I was doing or told me I was in a special ed type class. I thought that just how school was, slow and boring.

After some time my teacher recommended my mom take me to a specialist to get me checked out. I think she was frustrated by me, I was afraid of her when she spoke to me so I'd stammer even more and when I did she'd get mad, vicious cycle, so I chose to just not speak. She also thought I had a hearing problem which I didn't. I was again totally oblivious as to what we were doing when my mom took me to see a doctor instead of going to school. I think they were all afraid of hurting my feelings or thought I wouldn't understand. My mom and the doctor talked for a bit and then he took me into his office to speak with him. When he started testing me I thought we were playing some kind of game. He'd show me some kinda puzzle and I'd solve it, then a sequence and I'd repeat it. After a bit he seemed a little annoyed, got up, and left while I kept fiddling with puzzles and stuff. I thought maybe I'd upset him, but kept blissfully playing with puzzles. After speaking with my mom he came back and sent me on my way. When we got to school my mom went and spoke to my teacher while I sat with my "special group". A few minutes later an angry Ms Newman came and got me, gave me a thick learning packet, and put me with the regular class.

Apparently when the doctor left the office to speak with my mom he was not upset with me, he was upset with my teacher for sending us down there. My mental development was not just fine but well above average. He recommended some speech therapy if my stuttering didn't improve and sent us off. To say the least my mom was P.O'ed. When she talked to my teacher, Ms Newman told her the doctor was wrong and they got into an argument when my mom demanded she put me back in the regular class. Only when my mother threatened to go over her head did she relent. If Ms. Newman didn't like me before she hated me now.

I finished the rest of the year in the regular class and did fine. Eventually I did do some speech therapy sing-song, breathing, tongue twisters( "I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, upon a slitted sheet I sit" my fav) The next year I scored highest in math, reading, and writing on the state standardized tests for my school and won the Halloween short story contest. Which finalists read to the whole school. Sure enough there was Ms Newman right there in front beaming with pride like she'd actually taught me something.

Long story short teacher convinced my mom something was wrong with me and put me in special ed class, cause I stuttered. Luckily I turned out fine and got my stuttering under control.

(side note the runner up plagiarized her story, it's the one where the guy falls in love with a girl who has a green ribbon around her neck and when she finally takes it off she dies because it held her head on or something like that, I knew at he time it wasn't her story, but I didn't understand what plagiarism was. She didn't get caught and she was a 5th grader too)
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Nov 28, 2012