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This is about one of my friends mom. She is about 5 foot 8 or so with a great body and long legs. The best physical feature she has though is her very long blond hair. Her hair goes to about the lower part of her back and is easily blown around by the wind. I always watch her when it is windy out since it turns me on so much to see her hair blow all over the place.

This story takes place at one of my high school baseball games. There was a chance of strong storms that day but at the moment the weather was calm. I saw my friends mom set up her chair to sit in for the game. She had a long pink dress on with a slit in the dress going from the bottom of it to about mid-thigh. But that wasnt the best part. She had her long blond hair straightened and down just like I liked it. Since it was a bit chilly at the time, she threw on a blanket which would later come back to be a bad idea for her.

As the game went on dark clouds started rolling in. In the distance there was some thunder that could be heared. Then all of a sudden the winds picked up. They were blowing extremely hard and it became difficult to stand. This was the moment I had been waiting for! I looked over at my blond haired beauty and I saw her struggling to hold onto her blanket as it tried to blow away from her. When she finally got it under control, she quickly grabbed her hair and put it into a ponytail. It seemed as though my fun would be over, but then the wind really started to howl. She stood up to grab her stuff and her blanket and chair blew away. She stood there bracing herself against the wind, when her dress blew open from the side and showed everyone her pink panties. It looked as though the wind was going to blow her dress completely off. The wind continued to roar and just then I see her ponytail holder get blown off, releasing her hair to the ferocious winds. Her hair blew all over her face and straight up into the air while at the same time her dress was flying up over her head, continually revealing her pink underwear and matching pink bra. I ran over to help her and somewhat got her dress under control, as much as I wanted to let it keep blowing. I took her to her car and as we got in she looked at me and said "I hope I didnt lose too much dignity." Little did she know that I will never forget what I saw of her that day.
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I would love to hear about your experiences with those strong winds. I have other windy stories to share and we could do a trade off of those stories.

I know just how that woman feels . On more occassions than I care to remember , I have had the strong winds blow my skirt or dress up revealing far more than I ever wanted to .