This story is a dedication to gwtw and all her windy stories.

One day at school there had been a bomb threat. All the students were evacuated from the building and situated on the soccer field next to a line of trees that were short distance away from the school. It wouldn't have been so bad standing outside, except for the fact that there was a tornado watch in effect at the time. Many of the female teachers and students were wearing skirts and dresses at the time since the weather was a little warm that day too.

After about half an hour of standing outside, the sky began to grow dark as a storm began to roll in. The winds began blowing extremely hard and as we later found out, there had been a tornado that touched down about 2 miles from our school but didnt come any closer to us. As the winds began blowing at a very strong rate, many of the girls around me began having trouble keeping their modesty. As I looked around, I saw many attractive women, teachers and students, being blown away by the wind. While it would take a long time to decribe all of them, I will describe some that were very memorable.

The first girl was my age. She has long brown hair, about halfway down her back, with a very skinny body. She was wearing a white skirt that cut off just above her knees. As I looked around, I saw her standing against a tree and trying to brace herself against the wind. She held on as tight as she could, however the wind had grabbed ahold of her skirt and hair and blew them straight into the air, exposing a nice white thong.

The second girl was again my age. She had similar hair to the girl I just described but was a little bit straighter. Her body type was a a bit bigger. She had strong legs from playing soccer which led her to have a very toned and sexy body. That day she had worn a mid-thigh length blue skirt and a tight fitting white t-shirt. The wind had blown her up against a fence and was tearing at her clothes and hair. Her skirt was completely vertical and showed off a nice pair of lacy blue panties. Her hair, which had started off straight, became a tangled mess as the strong winds blew it all over the place.

A short distance away from where I was standing was a small shed that housed a bunch of sporting equipment.  Three girls had been blown into the side of the shed and were helplessly being held against it.  One girl was about 5'6" tall and weighed about 105 pounds.  She has fairly long sandy blonde hair that goes to just below her shoulders.  She was wearing a white t-shirt with lace trim and a red miniskirt.  The wind had blown her so that her stomach was against the side of the shed.  The powerful winds were blowing her skirt up with ease, revealing a pair of lacy red panties.  Another girl that had blown up against the shed had a very similar body shape as the first girl, except that she was a few inches taller.  She had blonde hair that went to about the middle of her back.  She had a light blue skirt on that was about knee length.  Her back was up against the shed, which allowed the wind to blow it straight up in the front which showed me that she was wearing a thong that was the same color as her skirt.  The third woman was actually a teacher.  She is in her late 30's.  Her body is thin and tall, I would say her height was about 5'10" with about shoulder length blond hair.  She had on a long black dress with a white blouse.  Even though her dress did not blow up, it did flap wildly in the wind and pressed it up against her body which showed just how thin she truly was.  All three girls tried to get behind the shed so that the wind couldn't hit them, but as soon as they turned the corner, the wind blew them down the field for about 200 feet.

The next girl was my spanish teacher.   She was probably in her late 40's and was very attractive with a 5'9" slim figure.  She had very long, light sandy blonde hair that went to about the lower part of her back.  She had worn a full red dress that went from her shoulders to her ankles.  There was a slit in the dress that went from the bottom to about mid-thigh and she had also worn a white pullover sweater.  Before the winds had started she was standing about 30 feet behind me.  As the winds picked up in intensity, she was actually blown into me while I maintained my balance.  I held onto her while the winds continued to howl to ensure that she didn't get blown away.  The wind tore at her white sweater, which eventually got blown away.  The wind had also caught ahold of the slit in her dress and blew it completely open.  She struggled to close her dress but in order to make sure that she didn't blow away, she had to hold onto me with both hands.  Her dress remained open and exposed to me a pair of red panties.

At the same time, another teacher (the same one from my "Sexy Teacher" story) had been blown to the ground near me.  To describe her again, she is in her mid 20's and has an extremely sexy figure with long brown hair.  That day she had worn a buttoned up white shirt with a very flimsy dark blue skirt that went to just below her knees.  However, compared to my other story, this time she never got a chance to keep her clothes under control.  She crawled over to me and I held her as well so that she did not blow away.  The wind was so strong that it had actually blown her shirt open, revealing to me a simple white bra covering her C size breasts.  Her hair and skirt didn't fare as well either, as they were blown sky high.  Good thing for me, though, as I saw that she had worn a white thong that day.

The winds continued in ferocity for another 10 minutes or so as the storm quickly flew by.  Women began to regain their composures, especially the two teachers that I had protected from being blown away.  Eventually, the bomb threat was taken care, but we still got to go home early anyway.  It was one of the most terrifying, but most of all erotically stimulating, days that I and a lot of other people had ever experienced.
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do u have any videos of something like this? It is such a turn on to see women in skirts or dresses in hurricane force winds. Please reply, there are barely vids any on the internet like this

Wow, this is really amazing story! Must indeedly been amazing to see all those girls getting blown around and be able to help them by holding them close. Hopefully no one didn't get badly hurt though.

Thank you for the compliment windknight. For the most part, no one was hurt during the event. Several girls had experienced some bumps and bruises from being blown into trees or along the ground, but other than that we were all ok. I can't explain to you the excitement of saving a woman from the wind. It is a breathtaking experience to know that you are the hero in the end. I'm glad that you enjoyed my story and hope to post more soon.

I really enjoyed your stories, and agree with GWTW that it is degrading for a woman to have her underwear there for all to see . . I notice that all the stories have a common thread of extreme windy conditions , tornados , cyclones , wind tunnels . . my experiences are more down to earth , everyday incidents occurring , but no less degrading ,like the time II was wearing a full length evening dress , entering the ball-room with my ex-husband , when the man behind us . accidently throd on my hem , and the whole thing fell down on the floor , leaving me , on stage , as it were , in my basque , panties , garters and stockings . Let me know should you like to exchange some more happenings .

It actually took me a while to tell her about my interests in the wind. I did not want her to think that I was weird or anything like that. However, the one day it was windy and she had worn a skirt. The wind kept blowing it up and her hair was flying everywhere. She told me that she loved the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair and up her skirt. It made me feel so good that we had that in common and could experience it together.<br />
As for my story, it was an incredible experience. To hold on to two women, especially teachers, was an exhilarting thing for me. Plus I got to see many girls have their skirts blown up which was very arousing for me too. Good thing was that nobody got hurt. scarssymmetry

Glad you finished the story . Sounds like you were the hero of the day saving two women from being blown away . As a woman , I can tell you that having a man like you around to help us , means more to us than you know . We are women . We are beautiful , loving , and kind . But we are not as strong as a man ,nor do we have a man's weight . Being small and thin is not a good thing when you are trying to prevent yourself from being blown over or worse by high winds . Many times men have had to help me as the wind has pushed me along helplessly or blown me off my feet . It is so comforting to have a strong arm to hold on to or to be held tightly around the waist so the wind can't blow you away . The fact that your girlfriend enjoys the wind with you even to the point of exposing herself to you means she trusts and depends on you . That can be a very strong bond between you both , as it is between my husband and I . Enjoy the experience of it , but let her know that she can always depend on you . gwtw

But being blown away is the fun part!

That is exactly the way that my girlfriend feels about the wind. She loves to experience the wind blowing her skirt up and making her hair fly in all directions. She loves it and she knows that I love it. It makes her feel sexy to have herself exposed to me by something so natural as the wind.

You might be surprised how many of us ( women ) like the wind. When you are a woman and you only weigh 100- 140 lbs . , it really doesn't take a lot of wind to push you around , knock you over , or even blow you entirely away . Add to that , most of us wear high heels of one sort or another . Wind ,for us , is often exciting and stimulates our feminine feelings of helplessness as it pushes us around or blows us this way or that . It can also scare us terribly when we are blown off our feet or skidded along helplessly , unable to prevent the wind from blowing us away . The wind can be fun for us , but it can also scare the daylights out of us . We can never be too careful ! gwtw

Yes I will definitely post that story for you. And don't worry, I will take great care of her. I want it to be a fun and meaningful experience for both of us. But I do have to admit, she probably loves the wind more that I do.

scarssymmetry , If you do try a wind tunnel , make sure you hold your girlfriend tight , and I mean TIGHT ! Such an experience is both physically and emotionally demanding for any woman , and some do not deal with it well . Expect a great deal of emotion before , during , and after the event . It can be an excitng and exilirating experience . But it can also bring our deepest and darkest anxieties to the surface . Enjoy yourselves , but be careful and considerate of how this will effect her as well . Best of luck. gwtw ps. maybe you can post the story if you wish ?

Wow that is very costly. I really do want to try it someday so I can experience how you felt in there. Plus my girlfriend would love the rush of feeling those extremely strong winds blowing her away since she is also a lightweight just as you described yourself.

to scarssymmetry : If you do try a wind tunnel , bring your checkbook because that kind of fun does not come cheap . We wanted a private night session , so as not to have an audience , and it cost us over $ 2000 . We only did it that once but it was absolutely amazing ! By the way , if your girlfriend does wear a dress or skirt , believe me holding it down will be the least of her problems . If she is small or on the lightweight side like me , her biggest problem will simply be trying to stay on the ground . The wind in a vertical wind tunnel when operating is sufficient to lift up my 6' 10" 258 lbs husband and lift him 10' off the floor . For someone like me , 117lbs , it can pick me up and blow me around like a dry leaf . He was standing on the side and stayed on the floor . I was in the center where the maximum winds were . Even at low speed , the wind was 75- 85 mph , more than enough to lift me up and blow me away . Believe me if you two do try a wind tunnel , it is an experience neither of you will ever forget . I know I never will forget my experience in one !

Thats nice that you and your husband get to have fun in those wind tunnels. If I ever get a chance to I will see if my girlfriend will wear a skirt or dress to one. I would love to see her struggle to keep it under control like Im sure that you did with your silk dress.

The horizontal wind tunnels are a test of your strength and weight . The vertical tunnels are made to have yourself blown away regardless of either . My husband and I rented one and I wore a silk dress with a full skirt just so it would blow up for him . We both had a fantastic time , but that silk dress was in tatters by the time we were done . I just felt so feminine blowing away in front of my man and him holding on to me with the wind holding me up in the air . Fantastic !

I have always wanted to go into those wind tunnels but the closest ones are about 5 to 6 hours away and I just havent gotten the chance to go to one. It did sound like a lot of fun. Inside not outside of course. Im sorry about the injuries you have had from the winds blowing you away and Im glad they werent worse than that. There is nothing you can do about your clothes blowing away in the strong winds unfortunately.

to scarssymmetry : The experience of it is difficult to describe . In an enclosed and controlled area , <br />
( wind tunnel ) , it is scary , and at the same time , exciting . It is a test of you against the wind . But you have the advantage of safety precautions and personnel standing by to monitor the situation . <br />
Outside , it is you against the wind with no safeguards . That situation is terrifying , humiliating , and extremely dangerous . It is profoundly disturbing to find yourself being buffeted , battered , blown over , or even picked up by strong winds with absolutely no control over your own body . I have been fortunate that when these incidents happened to me , there were usually a strong and gallant man or two nearby who was willing to help a woman in distress . It is still very embarrassing to have people see you being blown around like that . It makes a woman feel <br />
like some sort of weak little lightweight that the wind can just blow her away . There are many other women in the building who have been much worse off than me . In all the incidents , the worst that happened to me was some bleeding knuckles , scrapped knees , a sprained wrist , and a somewhat bruised ego . My clothes did not fair as well .

I am sure that I will find your wind tunnel story interesting and I look forward to it. What is it like to be blown away by the wind?

to scarssymmetry : an answer for you to your recent question is on my WINDBLOWN story comments . I am looking forward to the rest of your stories . Yes , I will post my wind tunnel story soon . It is rather long and takes some time to put up . I think you will find it interesting . Will get to it asap. I will dedicate it to you for all your interest . Thanks ! gwtw

I am glad that you like this story gwtw. I will finish this story as soon as I can plus add many more that I have.

To scarssymmetry , Thank you for dedicating your tornado story to me . I took the name gwtw because there have been days when I was , literally , gone with the wind . Please continue your story , it is most interesting . Thanks again , gwtw.

only a woman knows the indignity and humiliation of having her dress or skirt blown up in strong wind and exposing her to everyone . Those girls have my sympathy . gwtw

Every cloud eh? Haha