My First Story

I too love the wind and I also love to write, so I figured I'd write a story for all of you :) please tell me what you think :D

As the wind whistled through her open window, Lyra was awakened. As she sat up and stretched, the wind ruffled through her brown hair gently. She smiled and gazed out the window. Trees were being nearly uprooted, the grass was flattened by the wind, and no one dared to step outside in this weather. Lyra excitedly jumped out of bed and rushed to her closet to find a long flowy dress to wear. As she sifted through her wardrobe, she came across a beautiful dark blue corset dress. She quickly dressed her self and brushed her shoulder length hair before stopping in front of the front door to watch the weather for a moment.

Pushing against the door handle, Lyra struggled to get the door to open when suddenly the wind took hold of it and whipped it open. Lyra's dress and hair were caught in the wind, swaying back and forth gently. She shielded her eyes with her hand as she cautiously stepped outside. The wind instantly grabbed hold of her dress and pulled it to Lyra's side fiercely. The strings on her corset dress flapped wildly, threatening to come loose. She stepped forward and grabbed onto a post on her porch. The wind seemed to grow stronger with every step she took. 

Walking out onto her yard, her dress was flapping wildly. As she was trying to keep her dress under control, a strong gust of wind almost knocked Lyra off balance. Her dress was making sounds as if it were a whip being cracked, and her hair felt as if it was being pulled to the side of her head. She shielded her face with her forearm as she struggled to walk against the wind. With every step she took she let out a soft moan. 

Lyra was loving the rush of the wind against her body. The feeling of her dress whipping against her body, being pulled away by the wind, was so exciting to her. She could barely contain herself! 

As she reached the street, the wind was howling fiercely. Walking against the wind was becoming almost impossible. With her dress strapped tightly to her legs, Lyra didn't know if she could walk any farther, so she leaned into the wind and just let it blow her dress and hair behind her. The strings on her corset came loose and now blew behind her as well.

Suddenly the wind picked up even more and pushed Lyra down the road. She grabbed the first street sign she saw and hung on. Debris was flying everywhere. Shingles, plants, wood, almost everything was sent flying past Lyra as she tried to walk back to her house. 

She kept getting pushed down the street by the wind that was so strong, her dress almost ripped off of her body. As she reached her front porch, she grabbed onto the post she had held onto earlier.The front door had slammed shut from the wind, but was unlocked. Lyra grabbed the door handle and turned around to look out to her yard. She smiled and hoped for more exhilarating days like this before stepping back into her house. 

Cyndyr Cyndyr
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You should write more stories. You're good.

Nice story. I like the idea of it :)

I keep coming back to this story.

Wow. That was AMAZING!!! Write more stories like this! It's just great! I need more!!!

That was a very well written story! You should write more stories like this one. :)

Dear Cyndyr ,

Was just brousing this morning and came upon your story again . I had almost forgotten how well written and descriptive it is . Just a wonderful story to read and let my imagination visualizw Lyra fighting with her dress and to stay on her feet in the wind . A very well written and enjoyable story .

Dear Cyndyr.
Firstly, thanks for add me as a friend.
Your story is beautiful. You write very well. What about Lyra, I'd like to be there with her. I love it when my clothes, or the clothes of a woman is violently whipped by the wind. I get to hear the popping.
Very good.
And once again, thank you for add me.
I hope to keep more contacts.

Wow, this is simply really beautiful and great story! I really love the wind a lot too and I love reading stories like this! I myself have been planning on writing a story like this too, though I'm not great writer (I'm more experienced with drawing windy-scenes) and my english is not perfect.
It's great to meet others who love the wind too. I'm excited to hear more from you. :)

thanks :D I'd love to see some of your drawings :)

They are rather fantasy-themed so they don't please everyone, but I'll see if I can sometime try show something. :)
Oh yes and by the way, I noticed that you like The Legend of Zelda too. Looks like we have other common interests and likes too than just the wind. :D

I like Zelda too, so I guess all 3 of us have something in common. Heh heh :D

Awesome :D

Yep. Awesome indeed :P

i guess we do :D

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Dear Cyndyr ,

What a beautifully written story ! I enjoyed reading it very much and do hope you will write more of them . I particularly like the almost victorian image it creates of poor Lyra at the mercy of the wind . Very nice writing indeed . Well done !


thank you very much :)