Windy Autumn!

There's been a little more wind around lately so I'm very happy. One day I got out for a walk and I wore a long thin scarf around my neck and a very thin soft silk shirt over a t-shirt. I wrapped the scarf around my neck a few times and then tied it with the ends hanging in the back. After a while of walking into the wind, the knot came loose. I didn't realise until the road turned and put the wind at my side. It was hard enough to make my sleeves flap too. I left the cuffs unbuttoned and the front too. it kept blowing back on my shoulders and the cuffs folded back. I had to keep pulling it forward again, and then the rippling across my arms would feel really strong. The sound of it snapping behind me was making it hard to walk!

After a while, I buttoned the shirt, so that the neck of it blew against my neck and chest. There's no collar on the shirt sadly, but my scarf was unwinding itself and blowing into my face a little more. I found a little scrap of forest in the middle of some fields and went into it. I can't find a tree or branch at the right angle to sit on and brace myself feeling the wind making the tree or branch rock and sway while I have to hold on, and still worry about my scarf blowing off.

The scarf did blow off a couple of times, and caught on tree branches around me. I took my shirt off and draped it around my shoulders, but the wind wasn't strong enough to do much there.

A few days later, I was meeting a friend in the evening, and I wore the thin silk shirt over a t-shirt again. I didn't think it would be cold enough to wear a jacket and thought even wearing the silk shirt was a little too much. Boy was I wrong! When we left the restaurant, it was just starting to drizzle, and there was a cold breeze. We decided not to bother with a car and walk over to the store. The wind got really strong then, and the rain got harder. My shirt was snapping around me, and the sleeves were rippling and snapping too. As it got wetter it caught the wind even more, and snapped louder. I tried to pull it around me which just made it flutter more, and the snapping would get louder.

Then my friend decided we were wrong and should go back and get one of the cars! Even with the wind behind me, my shirt was blowing around me and still a little out of control. Of course I loved it. Getting into the car made it swirl around me, even though it was wet. I was a little hyper for the rest of the night and I still haven't worked off that energy! Just the feeling of the cold wet silk clinging to me and blowing against me was heaven.
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It sure is such a wonderful feeling to have the shirt blowing wildly like that in a strong wind, especially a collared shirt. I can't wait when it will be windy again here so I can go have fun with the wind too, wearing my collared shirt and fedora.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us!

Dear Taopuppy ,

Yet another great story of silk and the wind ! Thank you so much for your wonderful stories , and I hope you keep writing more .
As a woman who use to wear silk blouses , I can tell you there is something wonderful about wearing silk in the wind . Where I use to work , it was sometimes very windy , and I would sometimes have to hold on to things just to stand up . If I were not wearing a suit jacket , my blouses would be flapping and rippling uncontrollably in the gale winds .
Keep up the great stories !!