My Windy Love

Well I'm a bit new to this all so I thought about starting by introducing myself a bit to the community, First off I found a group I think the people there share some of my opinions of things but I think most important to this group is that I love the wind, ever since being a child I've enjoyed playing in the wind and since found a love of satin material which feels, sounds and looks fantastic especialy when in strong wind.

I think before I continue I should say that I am a guy and it is kinda awkquard considered from what I can tell satin is a material ment for girls, but that aside I have a small collection of old satin sheets and a cloak, which I would wear in high winds and take plaesure to fight them against the wind. I think what I would most like to do it to wear a dress to find out how it feels to have the wind blow it everywhere but I don't want to regard myself as a cross dresser as this is a small conflicting issue I have.
But why I love the wind? I don't fully know myself, I like the howling sounds it makes and the effects it has on things. When not wrapped in satin somewhere quite I have a long furry cloak and wooly scarf to wear out in the wind or cold, though its probably a girls scarf but I don't care, its warm and blows wildly when its windy.

I hate to see people get thigs blown away by the wind which is pretty common where I live even though its not often windy when it is its really strong, I've seen people have scarves blown away, one girl had her jacked blown off because she couldn't close it for the wind, some corners of town create strong upward winds which have blown off several garments of unaware people and seen plenty of umbrellas destroyed.

I hope that some people understand this as this is the first time I have let this out to anyone and I hope to meet people with similar views as me
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It's really great to speak openly of what we feel here. Only we, lovers of wind and flapping clothing is that we know the pleasure of these sensations. I've had a desire to wear a dress or skirt to know how it feels to have this tossed by the wind. But is it too complicated for a man who is not crossdressing, do this. I decided then to dedicate myself to baggy pants. They bounce and popping so garish and can be used in public. And so, I am always ready for the case to be surprised by a sudden gale. It's good to have discovered this site. I feel at home talking with you. Thank you.

I do understand very well as I myself love the wind very much too. Satin is really lovely in a windy weather indeed, but to me it's most important that the material flaps like crazy in strong winds. I have sometimes wondered too how it would feel like to wear a dress in a windstorm, but I'm fine with my cloaks and collared shirts as they can blow wildly too in the wind. I recommend large shirts too as they can start to blow up like skirts.

I understand to most people it's annoying when the wind blows things away from them, but for some reason I myself love when the wind blows my hat or umbrella away.

You're not the only one who loves the wind and I welcome you to this site. :)

Thanks :) I'm still messing with things see what they do, for now I think it'll be okay.
I too love it when my cloak flapps wildly in strong winds, we have a small channel between our house and a small brick shed that can funnel the wind in to a fierce surge and when I wear my cloak can blow me back down the alley.

Having an umbrella blow away is kinda funny, as for things like the scarf I have I always hold it tight when the wind blows strong I'd hate to have it blown away, it happens to people all to time here, I always feel bad seeing them struggle only to have it pulled from their hands

Wow, that sounds fun! Along with a cloak I also love to wear a collared shirt as it feels wonderful when it flaps against my cheeks wildly. It's also fun to start compleytly mess around with my shirt and cloak and make them blow against my face and let the wind try to blow them away.

I do too feel sorry for people to whom that happens and I'd always try to help them. But I love it when such happens to myself and I sometimes let the wind blow my hat off on purpose. For some reason I love struggling and fighting against the wind, it feels exciting and fun.

I'm excited to hear some more windy stories and experiences from you :)

It sure is fun, fighting over my cloak with the wind, it has a hood so that kinda smothers my face because satin is so light and easy to move, I sometimes waer a scarf over my head to keep my hair down because I have quite long hair for a guy with it braided in a like native way meaning it'll probably never come un-done no matter what the wind does.

I also find struggeling to hold my garments in the wind a really exciting experience too, I love holding tightly to my scarf while one end gets blown around wildly and trying to pull my cloak back from whipping around behind me.

I do have some experiences to share some of things I've seen and others involving me so I'll probably write something up next time I'm not in collage.