Snow And Wind

One experience I had was last winter at my collage when it snowed quite heavily and it was pretty windy, I remember being worried about getting home because the snow was getting thick and the wind was creating a small blizzard, because I live in a small town a considerable amount higher then where my collage is it could be much worse.

Our collage entrance is really bad for wind and as it was icy it was making it really hard for people to get in and out, it created a mini arctic storm outside the doors. I was wearing my cloak made of a fake factory made fur and my scarf which I generally like to wear when it’s cold or windy though the cloak weighs in at about 20lbs and when that gets blowing around it really drags you back. The wind was blowing strong and the cold air really stung your face, me and many other people had our scarves pulled up to our noses while the two ends flapped wildly.

Lots of people where grouping up and walking along the edges of railings to avoid being blown over on the ice, the wind would stop people in their tracks and some where pushed backwards on the slippery surface, there was a lot of hair blowing everywhere and scarves flying out, a lot of people where being blown away and pushed along the slippery ice. My cloak was giving me a hard time but I managed to make my way along a railing with a lot of other people keeping a good hold on my scarf and cloak to stop then hitting the person behind me. In our class we could hear the wind whistling round our building and through the window was just white with snow.

When I got back to my town the wind there was blowing much stronger, the snow was drifting down the roads and wind gave loud whistles. Back at my house I just had to try walking up the alley between a small brick shed and the house wall creating a violent wind tunnel, it was a losing battle as my scarf was whipping around violently and my cloak was billowing quite hard pulling me back along the slippery ground, I gave in eventually because the icy wind was starting to bite through my woolly scarf and thick cloak.
Was Cold :/
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There was a time when I wore a raincoat made ​​of pvc, to enjoy strong winds in my secret place. I loved when it was shaking so hard that really came to shake my body. It was extremely exciting. And that creaked so loudly that the noise was thunderous excitingly. Seemed like an anti-aircraft machine gun. It was a delight.

I can imagine how wonderful it felt when that wind billowed your cloak and scarf so furiously. But it is too bad indeed when it's too cold or raining or snowing too much during an awesome windstorm like that. Overall really great story :)

Its quite scary when my cloak is blown around wildly because its fairly heavy making it hard to control. I like the snow it looks really nice the white landscape, as for the cold I can't stay out as long but I like to wrap up in my cloak, scarf and other sheets and blankets.

That's understandable. But struggling against the wind can always be both scary and fun. I like the snow too but now cold. I myself like autumn the most because it's not too hot or too cold and it's really windy