Another Short Story

I'm currently working on writing out a really long story about my most recent experience in some seriously strong winds, but in the mean time I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me a couple days ago after the storm started to pass. We had been hit with amazingly powerful winds the day before gusting over hurricane strength in some areas. The next day, it was still unbelievably windy out so I decided to continue to take advantage of it. I was wearing a chiffon halter dress that was cinched around my hips and very loose everywhere else and came to mid thigh. This dress is so light that in the sun its sheer enough to show just about everything beneath it. Being a slight bit of an exhibitionist, I wore nothing beneath it (which isn't unusual for me when I wear silky clothes in the wind). So, I met a friend and ate lunch at a walking mall near the foot of the mountains. As some of you know, when the wind blows down from the mountains and through the buildings of the mall it gets greatly accelerated. As we ate, we watched people getting blown around outside. We sat right by the window and watched as people struggled to walk around the corner, leaning far into the wind and getting nowhere. I glanced up at the TV over the bar which was on the local news network. Closed captioning said something to the effect of, "Though the worst of the winds were yesterday, we've been getting reports of gusts nearing 80 miles per hour in the mountains." My heart raced. We got our bill and headed towards the door. I had my purse on my shoulder and left my coat off. My friend looked at me and said, "Dear, put your coat on!" I think she noticed how hard my nipples were. "Look at those winds, your dress will be torn to shreds out there!" I told her I'd be alright. We struggled against the door and it was torn out of my hand and slammed open. We shoved it closed and got blown down the mini street towards the parking lot. My dress went absolutely wild! The amazing winds were blowing straight from behind and the halter part of my soft silk dress flapped furiously over my breasts and they showed themselves a few times. Though it was cinched around my hips, the incredible wind kept forcing it fantastically above my waist. I would have been concerned about people seeing me, but everybody seemed to focused on not falling over. My hair went crazy. I should have put it up but I didn't think about it. It was all in my face and I could barely see. We finally reached the cars and my friend gave me a hug. She yelled to me over the wind, "I had a great time! It was good to see you, I didn't know I'd be seeing that much!" As I turned to open my car door I had to face the wind. Just then, an incredibly powerful gust made me lose my balance and sent back a few steps from my car. I struggled against the wind back to it, opened the door and got in. When I sat down, my dress was around the bottoms of my breasts. I adjusted myself and as I was pulling out to leave, I noticed there was a man standing in the parking lot who was still staring in my direction. I was too far away to tell, but it looked like there was a pretty visible bump in his pants, though it could have just been the wind. ;)
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Sounds very exciting and fun