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Severe Gales With Gusts In Excess Of 65mph Part I

At last the weather forecast I had been looking forward to for so long,and finally a chance to wear my new silk dress in some really strong, storm force winds
A couple of weeks ago I listened with fingers crossed to the weather forecast warning of gale force winds in excess of 65 mph on the coast and exposed areas.
I called my husband and told him of the gales forecast for the following day and night so we could plan where we would go to experience the high winds.
There was no need to plan what dress I would wear.I would be wearing my new silver and black, silk,mid calf length dress with the fullest skirt I've ever had, with yards and yards of pleated silk.
The plan was for me to drive to meet him by the coast early evening when the winds were forecast to be at their strongest.
Slipping into my new dress felt so good and the thought of it being blown wildly set my heart racing.My long silky blonde hair was freshly washed and dried and felt so good falling around my shoulders and back.
I selected a couple of large silk head scarves as well to enjoy
I listened to the wind howling outside and watched the trees bending in the gale while I got dressed.
I called my husband and told him I was on my way.He had just arrived there and told me that the winds by the sea were incredibly strong and he'd already seen a couple of people already fighting against the wind.
I left the house and headed to my car.The wind was blowing hard but not anywhere near as strong as it was going to get
I gathered up my dress as I didin't want it blowing too much too soon.
I got in the car and headed for the coast through the narrow country lanes.
As I drove I could hear and feel the wind blowing harder and harder,sometimes making it difficult to drive in a straight line.
I'd only driven a couple of miles when I had to stop as a tree had blown over and blocked the road.As I looked to see if there was any way around the wind started to howl and rock my car.The wind was blowing from behind and at such a force I just had to just get out of the car to quickly experience the strength of the wind.I grabbed one of my silk headscarves and tied it on tightly not wanting my hair blown about just yet.
I went to open the door and it was all I could do to stop it blowing out of my grip.
I stepped out into what was probably around a 50 mph wind.I stood,just,with my back to the wind.The front of the dress was sent flying up in front of me with such force,the back of the dress blasted against the backs of my legs.My silk head scarf was flapping to the side.The sound of my dress and scarf flapping was so loud
I turned around,holding onto my scarf under my chin to try and keep it on.As I turned my dress was blown back hard against my chest smothering my body and arms,the skirt at the back now being forced up and over the car whipping and flapping so hard.
I started walking into the wind,my scarf slowly being forced further and further off my head
I held on to it as hard as I could but knew it was only a matter of time before I lost the battle, and my scarf
I began to try and push the front of the skirt down around my legs,enjoying the fight.
I managed to pull it down to around my knees when the wind increased suddenly.
I was held there unable to move forward.The wind forcing the front of my dress so hard against and between my legs and pulling really hard at the back.
The wind blew my headscarf off releasing my hair into the wind sending it flying back.
I had to get back to the car,so I turned and headed back.My hair now blown forward, whipping around my face,blinding me.My dress was now blowing against my back and flying out in front of me.I could feel it and hear it but couldn't see it because my hair blowing so hard.
The wind now blowing at it's strongest so far and I half staggered and was half blown towards my car.Then a gust so strong just blew me past my car and towards the tree.
I had no grip in my high heeled shoes and so, as hard as I ,could not stop myself from being blown towards the tree.I faught with my hair to see where I was going but all I could see was this mass of pleated silk being blown ahead of me flapping so hard I thought it would tear
There was nothing I could do now,the wind was just so strong and I was blown into the tree.
The wind dropped slightly,just enough for me to stand upright.
I turned to try and take this opportunity to head back to the safety of my car and get to the coast to meet my husband,
It was then that I could see that the skirt had got really tangled in the branches.
I tried to release it but the skirt was so full and the wind so strong that it was so difficult to release it and I was afraid that the skirt could tear as I tried to pull it free.
As I released part of the skirt more would get caught up
It was then that I saw the headlights of a car coming towards me.I must confess by this time I was relieved as I really needed some help with my dress.
The driver dipped their lights and I saw a woman get out.She could clearly see the predicament I was in and began to walk towards me.She was wearing a very sensible short but tight skirt and jumper.She did have quite long hair that she held in a ponytail over her shoulder,keeping from blowing forward.
I shouted out to her to please help me with my dress.The wind was picking up again sending my hair flying back even harder and blasting the dress against me.The skirt was forced up to the tops of my thighs and becoming even more entangled in the branches.
The woman got to me and asked if I was hurt.I told her no,but I needed help with my skirt
She began to help,having to let go of hair,needing both hand to grab the billowing skirt.
Slowing between us we finally managed to pull the skirt free.I was hoping so much that it hadn't been torn.
She pulled down the skirt so it was now blowing against my legs and put an arm around me as we headed back into the wind towards our cars.
She put her hand to the back of her head trying to stop her hair from blowing so hard.
I just held onto her with one arm and grabbed a handful of my skirt with the other
We got back to my car and she helped me back I went to get in the wind blasted my skirt right up again,and my hair all over my face again
She let go of her hair again as she reached around me to try and pull the skirt back down
I pretty much fell into the car and she gathered up the skirt as best she could and I pulled it into the car.
She checked again that I was ok and I thanked her so much for her help.
She asked me what had happened.I thought quickly and explained that I thought I'd run something over and got out of the car to check,but the wind had blown so hard that I lost my balance and was blown into the tree.
I thanked her again and I watched as she headed back t her car,fighting against the wind
as she got to her car and turned to get in I saw her hair whipped forward.
She turned her car around and so did I to head to the coast.
The experience had not put me off.on the contrary I couldn't wait to get there and meet up with my husband
Before I set off I called him to explain why I was late
He told me that it was way too windy and dangerous on the coast.
He'd seen and helped 3 women already who had been blown over by the force of the wind
This made me even more determined to get there.If anyone was going to be blown over and helped by my husband it was going to be me
I told him I would see him shortly.
I checked my dress as best I could and was disappointed to see the skirt had been torn in a few places,but it could have been wors.I headed for the coast and will write about that in part II
To give you an idea of how strong the winds were,I thought at one point my dress was going to be torn by the force of the wind,and even my husband couldn't hold down the skirt at one point
susanhampshire susanhampshire 26-30, F 5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

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I like this story more everytime I read it !!!!

Hi Sam
I'm so pleased you enjoyed part I.Hopefully I can find time to write part II this weekend
Any new stories of your own?You can mail them if you prefer

I just wrote this one, and am working on a much longer story about the day before!

What a fabulous beginning to your story! I wouldn't expect anything less from you, dear. I can't wait to read the rest of it. I just love the feeling of soft, lovely silk in the most powerful, strong, frighteningly loud winds possible!

Hi Kats
I must admit it would have been wonderful to have someone with me to enjoy the experience,and to help me with my dress before it was so tangled in the branches.
I absolutely love the wind.The stronger the better.There are times when it can get quite scary having the wind take complete control of my dresses or skirts,as well as my hair,but it is so exiting and now I get a chance to share with others which makes so much difference.
I will hopefully get to post part II over the weekend.I just hope people enjoy reading part I
I am only 5 foot 3 so I tend to wear 3 or 4 inch heels generally.On this ocassion I had 3 inch heels,with very smooth soles so I had next to no grip.Maybe I should wear training shoes next time for better grip.Although training shoes and a silk dress don't really go


Hello again ,

I have not had any real windy experiences since I retired , so it would have been a priviledge ,and great fun to experience those powerful winds with you . Like you , I like the winds strong enough to push me around a bit , or even stronger sometimes . If part II of your story is anything like part I , you have an eager audience here . Your story is just wonderful , and you wrote it so well .
My , but you are a little bit of a thing , aren't you ? I can understand your liking high heels . I am quite tall , 5'11 " in stockings . I had to wear heels where I worked , and in 4-5" heels , I am about 6'3" or so . It is very empowering to be able to look a man squarely in the eye ,at his level . Unfortunately , I am a skinny thing , and so on windy days , I have a bad time sometimes , just as my stories say . If you have ever come out of one of those tall glass tower buildings on a windy day wearing heels , you know just how easy it is to find yourself being blown down the sidewalk . And by the way , many women in the building changed our shoes to walking shoes before venturing out in those gales ! Keep up the great story . I cannot wait for part II !!!! Your eager reader across the pond , Kats

Dear Susanhampshire ,

All I can say is WOW ! What a fabulous story! I rather wish I could have experienced that kind of wind with you . This is a superb story ,and I cannot wait to read part II , when you post it . Your detail of the winds effects on your dress are so descriptive . I enjoyed this story so very much . Well done ! From the sound of your narrative , you seemed to be enjoying the wind . I cannot wait to read your next installment . I have to ask , what sort of heels were you wearing when the wind began pushing you along ( low or high ) ? If you would ever like to swap more stories , please let me know . Please take care now , and thank you so much for a most excellent story !!!