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Severe Gales Part II

I arrived down by the sea to meet my husband and parked next to is his
The wind here was definitely stronger than where I was.The gusts were rocking my car.
My husband got out of his car and fought his way to mine.His trousers and shirt were flapping wildly.He got into the car and we hugged.I told him briefly about what had happened on the way.
He was so pleased that was ok but concerned I'd been out in such a strong wind by myself
Then the sound of a huge gust of wind ended the conversation as it was time to get blown away.
I had parked he car with the wind blowing from behind.I opened the door and it just blew out of my hand.I stepped out before my husband could get around to my side of the car.I was so keen to ge out into the wind again.
As soon as I got out my dress was whipped up at the front as before,but even harder.My hair was blown forwards and up,twisting and whipping all around.
I turned to face the wind.It was a repeat of earlier but a whole lot windier.My husband came to my side and put his arm around me and we headed into the wind.My dress was blown so hard against my legs that when I looked down to watch, the pleats in the skirt were blown open and disappeared.The silk being stretched by the force of the wind as it blew between my legs
The wind dropped a little for a while.I love walking around in the wind experiencing my clothes and hair being blown in different directions,so we strolled around waiitng for the next big gust.
We were walking with the wind to our backs when it hit.My hair was already blowing forward,my dress flying out at the front.
We were both blown forward.My dress just went wild.I asked my husband to hold back my hair so I could see my dress blowing.
He pulled my hair back as best he could and I just played with my dress in the wind.
I wanted it blown right up over my head now.I wanted the pleated silk to blow into my face and body.
I told my husband and we headed to an area where the wind would hit the wall and be deflected upwards.
Within seconds my dress was forced up all around me.I fought with the skirt,pushing and tugging at it to hold it down.
At this point I still had some control over the skirt,but then an incredible gust took complete control of the skirt.I shouted to my husband to film me.I wanted to see this later.
My dress was up over my head.The sound of the flapping silk was so loud.The silk was blowing all around,being whipped in all directions now as well as upwards.
I was finding it difficult to breath with the silk in my face.I must admit that I panicked for a moment and started beating at the skirt to try and bring it under some sort of control.
I managed breifly to push it away below my head and shouted to my husband to help me pull my dress down
The wind gusted again and again,stronger each time.I thought my dress was going to blow off
It took all of my husbands strength to pull down the skirt and drag me away from the wall.
The force of the wind dropped again and we were able to bring my dress under control once again
We headed back to my car.My husband believing that I had had enough.
When we got in I told him that I wanted to go back out there again.I couldn't afford to miss this opportunity.We may not see winds like this for ages
I decided then to change out of my dress.It was time for a skirt,top and silk scarves.I wanted to experience everything that evening
I reached onto the back seat and grabbed a bag containing the clothes I wanted.
Firstly,a below the knee length,whit,e pleated,satin skirt,a red silk blouse,a long silk scarf and a large silk headscarf
I quickly changed and tied the long silk scarf around my throat and my headscarf over my head.
I was ready once again to go back out into the stormy wind
I held onto my headscarf as tight as possible not wanting to lose it just yet.
We walked headfirst into the wind.My skirt and blouse pressed hard against me.The scarf around my throat flying out behind.My headscarf barely staying on
We turned sideways and then away from the wind
My husband stood in front of me.My skirt blowing against him,my blouse billowing out madly.I hadn't tucked into my skirt on purpose so it would blow even more
My scarves were blowing and flapping in the wind.The headscarf flapping against the side of my face.I told my husband to slowly loosen my scarf.He put his hand betwen the scarf and my face and as the wind blew harder slowing pulled my scarf off.The wind caught it and blew it off completely releasing my hair into the increasing wind.
He bend down so my hair would blow into his face.He loves this and so do I.We kissed,both of us ending up with a mouthful of my silky hair,but we didn't mind
I wanted my skirt to blow up so we headed back to the wall where my dress had tried to suffocate me earlier
My skirt was shorter than my dress so it would not get blown over my head,or so I thought
I stood with my skirt flying up,my husband ready to film me again
The wind increased and blew my skirt inside out.The wind blew harder and harder.It must have been close to 60 mph.I felt my skirt blowing higher and higher.My skirt had an elasticated waistband and the strength of the wind was forcing the skirt further up my body until the waistband was up around my breasts.The skirt was now right over my head and flapping so loudly
My husband again came to my rescue and pulled my skirt back down around my waist
My silk blouse was up around my face,my long scarf flying up,mixing with my hair as it was blown vertically.
Once again we headed back to the car.I must admit that by now I was exhausted,and although I was having such a wonderful time I was ready to go home
As we walked, what was probably one of the strongest gusts yet, hit us full on
We were stopped in our tracks unable to move forward.My husband held on to me and began to pull me towards a lamppost to hold on to.This was a seriously strong wind and was on a mission to literally blow me away
I held on as tight as I could.My skirt and blouse felt as if they could tear at any moment.
My hair was blowing back so hard it felt like someone had hold of it and was pulling it as hard as they could.
The silk scarf around my thoat was straggling me.I had to take it off
I reached up and pulled it off.
There was no sign of the wind decreasing.If anything it was getting stronger
Suddenly ahead we saw two teenage girls being blown towards us,totally at the mercy of the wind
They both had long hair that was being blown violently forward.One wore a short,tight skirt,the other a longer calf length,fuller skirt
I shouted to my husband to try and help them.He wanted to stay with me but I insisted he help them
The girls has become separated.The girl with the short skirt ahead of the other.
My husband managed to catch the first girl and helped her to another lamppost to hold on to
The other girl was being blown towards me.She managed to clear some of her hair from her face and saw me reaching out to her
Her skirt was wrapped around her legs making it so difficult to keep her balance.
She managed to battle her way towards me.She was level with me now and the wind blowing her sideways.Her hair was just smothering her face.her skirt flapping so hard across her legs
She shook her head to try and get the hair out of her face.
She reached out to me and me to her.She nearly managed to grap my hand but was blown further away and past me.
I grabbeded my scarf from my other hand and held it out for her to grasp.somehow she managed to grab it and slowly managed to pull herself towards me.
I was gripping on to the lamppost with one arm desperately trying to hold on.
Then suddenly she lost her gip and footing and was blown backwards
My husband got there in just time and managed to hold onto her.
Finally the wind dropped enough for us to be able to stand.We reunited the two girls who hugged my husband and thanked him for his help.I was so proud of him
We headed back to the cars and made our way home,exhausted
I grabbed my dress from the back seat of the car and headed towards the house.My husband just driving in behind me
I was so tired.The wind was still bowing hard.Suddenly from nowhere a tremendous gust hit me and tore my dress from my hand and blew it up and into a tree.It caught there flapping like crazy.I though to myself that my dress started out in a tree and ended up in one.
My husband had seen what had happened but there was nothing we could do until the morning
We went inside and I went to bed without even changing.I fell asleep to the sound of the wind still howling outide
I woke in the morning and looked out of the window to see if the dress was still there
It had gone,unsurprisingly
My husband was in the kitchen.On the table was my dress.he'd managed to climb up and get it
I picked it up to look at it but it was ruined.The bodice had torn,one of the straps has come away and skirt was torn in a number of places.Even the hem had fraid where it had been flapping for so long and so hard in the night
I smiled at my husband and said I'd just have to buy a new one as I loved that dress so much
He looked at me and said he already had and it would be delivered in a couple of days
I just love my husband to bits
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I really love your stories....must find a way to get to Britain.

Dear Susan ,

Every time I think you cannot write a better story , you do ! This is even better than your last . Just a wonderfully descriptive account of your windy experience . I enjoyed reading it so much ! What a marvelous time to be with your husband in those winds . He really became the hero of the day . No wonder you are so proud of him . A truly great story , five stars !! You might want to edit it later for typos, and spelling , but the point is , it was a great read . Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us .

your most grateful ( and highly impressed ) reader ,


Every time I read this story ,I enjoy it more than the last time I read it . A wonderful account of you and your husband's fun in the gale winds . It sounds like it was a very exciting time for you . I wish we had some gales like that here . Great story , thank you !