Another Fictional Story

I tried to write another story :) i tried to make it fairy tale-ish. I'm sorry that it takes a little bit to get good but i hope you like it! tell me what you think!

There once was a couple who were forced to marry each other because of an arranged marriage their parents agreed on. Dante, the son of the King of the kingdom, didn’t mind this arranged marriage because Dahlia, a daughter of a peasant, was a very kind and beautiful young girl. Dahlia, on the other hand, absolutely did not want to get married to Dante, for he was very handsome, but very wicked to everyone.
Dahlia sat on the ground outside of her small hut washing clothes in a cauldron over a fire pit when a rabbit hopped in front of her. The rabbit stopped,looked up at Dahlia and said “Fair maiden, I know how your husband to be can be so cruel, but there is something else you should know.”
Dahlia said, “What is it, little hare?” the rabbit paused before clearing his throat. After a short silence he said, “Alas, your husband to be is a mage. He is the type of mage that can control the flow of air.”
This scared Dahlia because a mage killed her mother when she was very little. The rabbit took Dahlia’s hand, nodded, and then went on his way. Dahlia sat frozen in fear until her friend, Syed saw her and knelt down by her.
“Dahlia, what is the matter?” said Syed. “I have just found that my husband to be is a wicked mage…”Dahlia’s voice trailed off and she looked into Syed’s eyes. Syed’s mother was also killed at the same time that Dahlia’s had been and he was just as afraid of mages as Dahlia.
Being such close friends for the longest time, Dahlia and Syed had come to realize that they both had feelings for one another. Syed, no matter how much he wanted to, couldn’t show any sort of affection towards Dahlia, for Dante would have him tortured in a dungeon before executing him in the town square.
“Come to my wedding, Syed. I beg of you.” Said Dahlia. “You have nothing to worry about, Dahlia,” Said Syed, “I will be there. I promise.”
The day of the wedding finally came. Dahlia wore a full, white wedding dress that was figure hugging, but also loose enough for the wind to easily move it, which she loved so much. She held her bouquet in front of her and stared at the roses in silence while a younger girl in the village placed her veil ontop of her head. Syed knocked on the door before walking in.
“You look beautiful.” He said to her. Dahlia looked down in silence before being convinced to go into the church for the ceremony. She took her father’s arm as they walked down the aisle toward Dante.
“My beautiful bride, Dahlia, you will forever be mine.” Dante said while lifting her face to meet his by her chin. She fought to hold back tears as she thought that she could never see Syed again after the wedding. The priest started his speech. All Dahlia could think about was getting away.
When the priest said, “Dahlia, do you take Dante to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Dahlia hesitated before running down the aisle, grabbing Syed by the wrist, and running out of the church.
Dante glared down the aisle at the two before muttering “Blow, fierce gales, blow her back to me.”
“Where are we going?” Syed gasped as he was being pulled behind Dahlia. “Far away from here.” Dahlia said. Syed stopped Dahlia to talk to her when suddenly a strong wind blew her into him. He held onto her to keep her from blowing away as they walked toward the forest to search for shelter.
The trees bowed from the heavy winds of the storm. Syed leaned against a tree to keep his balance while still holding onto Dahlia. Dahlia’s dress was blowing out behind her, making snapping noises as the wind played with it. Her long brown hair, which was in a messy bun during the ceremony, was now blowing wildly behind her.
“We have to keep moving!” Dahlia shouted over the howl of the wind. She moved out from behind the tree and a gust of wind blasted her, ripping her veil off of her head and blowing it quite a distance before it got caught in the branches of a tree. Syed held onto her hand to keep her from being blown back. He pulled her closer to him, held onto her by her waist and walked with her farther into the forest.
A sudden whirlwind appeared before them, whipping debris at them. They braced themselves against one another. When the whirlwind dissipated, Dante was standing where the cyclone once was.
“You have stolen my bride” Dante said evilly to Syed. “And you” he pointed to Dahlia, “you have betrayed me. Now you both must pay.” He twirled his finger in a circular motion and a windstorm kicked up. Dante disappeared inside of the storm, leaving the two to battle the winds.
Dahlia’s dress was pressed tightly against her legs as they walked into the storm. She tried to hold onto Syed as well as keep her hair and dress under control, but she couldn’t without being blown away. Syed’s messy sand colored hair whipped back from his forehead and swayed back and forth. His tattered clothes clung to him and vibrated violently behind him.
The wind was now so strong that they had troubles moving forward. Again, Dante appeared. He said nothing, twirled his finger again and increased the wind speed. Dahlia was now clinging onto Syed’s clothes so tightly that they began to tear.
Dante disappeared once again. “Show yourself, coward!” Syed shouted into the wind. At that comment Dante reappeared. He increased the winds so much that trees were being ripped out of the ground. “I shall kill you both!” After saying this, Dante started laughing manically. He was so focused on killing Syed and Dahlia that he didn’t notice a tree that had been ripped up was flying straight towards him.
Dante then impaled by the tree and his body turned into thin air. The storm subsided at once and the loving couple walked toward the closest kingdom, where they lived the rest of their lives happily.

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You and creative friend. An interesting story. And do not forget to shake up the detail of the clothes and hair, to the delight of us fetishists Wind. Thank you this story. Keep this creativity.

I'm a fan of fantasy and fairy-tale themed stories like this, and it's great to see them featuring some strong windstorms just like in this one. Really great work! :)