Long Dress And A Strong Wind

It was late morning when I woke and there was a furious gale blowing outside. I decided that today I was going to have some real fun, I would wear a long bridesmaids style gown. My heart was racing with the thought of all the skirts and petticoats blowing everywhere.

The dress its self was a thick deep red satin with separate layers of black satin petticoats to lift it slightly and I wore my pair of long furry boots just to keep my legs warm :p I stood by the door listening to the wind howl round our house looking at our weather gear which showed sustained winds of 50mph and gusts in excess of 60mph I waited for it to slow before opening the door, now the wind was howling louder and sounded more scary, I put my foot through the door and I was almost pulled along with the winds, my gown pulled hard and tugged as it whipped around the door. The wind dropped again and I braced myself and stepped through the open door, then my gown filled with air like a sail whipping around and I was blown across our porch, I grabbed a post and hauled myself to the door and leant into the wind hard to close it again, I was trying so hard not to be blown away against the wind filling my gown like a sail it was billowing in a rapid blur and making sharp slick noises as it blew over its self. I held tightly to the rail as a stepped off our porch and my gown started to make loud flapping noises as it was whipped around even more. I sat on the porch and the wind lifted my legs as it was going to blow them round with my dress too, it was blowing soo hard that I couldn’t pull my legs down to stand off the porch. I pulled my gown up to ease the wind on my legs so I could stand, now stood the wind was trying to blow my skirts up my back as I still held them, I could see the fur on my boots all flattened to one side and blowing around the other and the cords used to tie them on was whipping around wildly. I pulled my gown back over my legs and was almost blown over my the wind catching in my gown again, I was recovering from my near fall but the wind had blown my skirts up to my waist and when I stood they were pulling really hard and whipping around violently as I was no longer sheltered by the house. The wind blew and blew as it would never stop, my long scraggly mop of hair was now lashing my face and whipping around in front of me which felt like I was being pulled along by my hair, I managed to pull it back and I held It round my neck with both hands with the long ends still being whipped around. My gown was being blown all over; up, down, left, right, it was uncontrollable, pulling me around and buffeting in the strong gusts, I gathered up my dress as I feared it would be torn off! The wind howled and a strong gust swept me across the grass and my gown was thrust over my face filling my mouth with satin, I pushed against it but couldn’t pull it back so I turned my back to the wind and pulled and struggled to keep my balance and get my dress down but it was flapping so hard that it was blown further and further up my back, I screamed as a fierce gust seemed to almost lift me off the ground. After this I decided to return to shelter and pick a shorter less sail like dress, I made my way back to the house with my gown still tearing across my head, I stumbled along as I couldn’t use my arms to keep my balance as I couldn’t push my dress down against the wind yet. I fell against the house wall with the wind in my face and pushed against the dress as it billowed around my arms, I stood there as I fought my dress and calmed my heart rate after being almost blown away.

I climbed up the porch and held tightly to the posts as my hair and dress where whipping around wildly behind me then practically fell in through the door, I inspected my gown for damage and the hem was frayed slightly and the waist line looked slightly torn, I went to my room and wrapped up in my cloak and blankets while I decided what to wear next ;)
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You should try wearing a cloak in the wind

I have, I have many cloaks and I love wearing them in the wind! :)

Have you worn one in the wind recently?

Have never read this story before . Absolutely wonderful !! You tell a superb story of your experience . I enjoyed every bit of it . Vivid , well written , and a great pleasure to read . How exciting for you to experience such wind while wearing such a beautiful gown. All that satin flowing and billowing in the gale winds , and you trying your best to control it and yourself against the winds . It brought back some meories of my own wedding day . Thank you so much for posting your experience .

I wish I could heart this ten times!<br />
I had to read it more than once. Amazing!

Haha, glad you liked it so much! ^-^

P. S.
There is really no difference between silk and satin?

silk is a fiber, and satin is a weave. you can make satin out of cotton or polyester, and you can make silk threads into rough textures that look like cotton or linen. So its a bit like asking if there's a difference between white and house. :) very few people seem to learn this about silk, so it makes it hard when looking online to buy silk and wondering what it will be like when you can't tell from pictures or the description. hope that helps!

I think you already know.
Everyone would like to have been there with you.
I would hold you in praser with you and enjoy the violent, flickering of her dress, but that you prefer to split with Jess and we have to respect that. Not to mention, we live in distant places. I hope for more stories. You susanhampshire and silkensamantha seem to be people in this group who has more luck, because you guys live in windy places. I do not have as many opportunities as these here, I'm just waiting for their stories. Thank you for sharing with us. It is the third time I read this story and not get tired of reading.

Dresses and skirts in a strong wind are fun. Glad to see you enjoyed it. Did anyone else see you throughout it all?

I live 15 miles from anything on a farm, I'd be surprised if anyone did :p

This is a wonderful story! You include so much detail, I love days like this! Light silk and strong wind is the most erotic thing in the world! You should read some of my stories and message me if you'd like to talk more intimately about stories like this. You're wonderful!

Thanks :) I think I've read a few of yours, I'll be sure to be in touch.

Whoa, now that was absolutely intense windstorm! Good thing that gown didn't get ripped off but I bet it surely looked and felt both fun and scary when it blew around so wildly like that. That especially was amazing that the wind even lifted your legs up. I really would love to face a storm like that too. If I would get a chance to enjoy such windstorms with you I would make sure you won't get blown away :D
Lovely story overall! I'm waiting to hear more. May the wind keep blowing strong there (and without causing anything worse, of course) :)

:) Thank you, it did feel especialy good but was scary, this is one of few intense windstorms I have been in.

Hopefully I can face such intense windstorms too sometime :)

Such a lovely and wonderful story. I wish I could have been there to experience the winds with you. This story has nice details and a few spelling mistakes, but getting better I feel. Keep these stories coming and stay safe.

Thanks :)

I have a strange/odd question to ask: Do you make your skirts and dress or do you buy them? If you buy them, where do you get them?

I've made a few of them from old ones I bought from old shops and online, sorry I can't be any more specific as I've not bought any for a while

ah thank you anyway :)

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Dear WindySpirit ,

WOW! What a wonderful story ,told with great detail and full of descriptive passages . It sounds like you really had your hands full , but thoroughly enjoyed the experience . Those winds must have been ferocious to push and blow you around so . We have winds like that here , but only on rare occassions like during a storm . I thoroughly enjoyed this story and must tell you it was very well done . Congratulations ! I look forward to hearing more from you soon . Take care now , and be safe in those gales !


Thank you, we also only get winds like this rearly but I do try to get out in them.
I will be uploading them as I writee them as these are past experiences but I want to try ab keep them spread out so I'm not uploading right away.

You haven't uploaded any for a while, so if you have any more, please share! I love this one. I'm sorry it was so scary for you. Maybe you need to tie a rope to your porch railing for days like this. It sounds amazing. I love that you go out in it in a long dress, and I'm so jealous of your private setting! Please keep getting out there and enjoying it and telling the rest of us stories about it!

(I forget who asked, but silk and satin aren't the same thing. Silk is a fiber, and satin is a way of weaving that can be used with any kind of fiber. If the fiber is fine enough, you get smooth, shiny satin.)

Thank you. It was I who asked.