Blown Away!

Okay, well I have been talking with some people on here and I have been asked stuff like "whats the strongest winds you've been in?" and "have you ever been blown away" an such, I have been trying to keep my stories seperated because it felt wrong to clog the group with my stuff straight off as I have plenty to share.

Well this is one I have talked about and been encouraged to share publicly.

It was a late afternoon and the wind had been picking up to what was shaping out to be a rather wild evining, our weather stuff was showing gusts up to 36mph so I went and decided on a dress for the night. I had took my time choosing my dress in the hope that the wind would be stronger when I was done, I had picked out a long black satin dress with a mass of white satin skirts underneath it. When I went back to check the wind speed it had increased to gusts of around 42mph, the wind in the yard wasn't that bad but my dress was flapping to my side as I crossed.

I decided to go for a walk along the path that cuts through our fields as I figured "who would be out on a day like this?" In the hills the wind was alot harsher and was whistling around the fences and the trees, my dress was tugging me sidways as it was whipped around by the strong winds. I came to a field where the path had to cross and my exitment grew as I saw the crop in the field waving around wildly almost flattend, as I began to cross the field though I was going to stay here my dress began flapping wildly and I was struggling to keep my balance, I slowly walked out towards the middle of the field and stood with my arms out and with whe wind blowing my hair and dress which was really billowing hard, I was stood enjoying the feel of the satin pressed hard around my legs and my hair being wildly blown around I was completwly un-prepered for a furiously strong gust to blow me off my feet, it filled my dress and hurled me across the field and as I hit the floor I tried to turn my back to the wind but my skirts where thrust up over me, I lost my balance at this point and fell only to be again blown across the field only stopping when I reached the hedge at the other side. The wind was blowing against the hedge creating an up draught which was trying to pick me up and when I did it felt like my dress was going to be blown off! I leant forward really far with my dress plastered to my face and chest trying to pull it back down again.

After I managed to lower my skirts again I sat in the edge of the field being smothered by my hair admiring how the satin shimmered in the light as it was flapping around wildly in the wind.
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That sounds like an awesome experience!
Have you've ever been in winds with just your hair blowing around?

Never just the hair, always a dress. When its windy its quite strong.

With all due respect. How ladywind67 said. An extremely erotic experience.

Dear WindySpirit,

A wonderful story ! Thank you so much for sharing it . You write very well , and I would encourage you to write more , if you want to share them . Your dress seeme like it was just perfect for enjoying those gusty winds . Great choice . Thank you again for a delightful story .

Thankyou, I will try and leave a small gap before sharing some more still though, but keep a lookout :)

Thank you again . Have you ever seen the film , SUEZ ? It has a windy climactic ending you might enjoy . gwtw

No I havn't, could you give me a link on youtube or something please?

Sounds like that wind really almost blew you away. It keeps amazing me how windy it sounds like to be over there :D

It gets pretty windy, we have 52mph winds forcast for a few days this week.

Oh nice! Have fun!

I hope I can, its still snowing here :/
If I can wrap up enough I may be able to get out.

do keep warm.

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That was an amazing story and well written. Did the wind almost blow you off the ground? Looking forward to more stories and take your time.

Thanks, it certainly felt like it did!
I'll upload more as time goes by, keep a look out :)

you should upload videos like this on to youtube or something. wish i could see the wind blow your dress up

I used to but they ended up in places I didn't want.

could you send them to as like a private message or something, you have no idea what it would mean to me

I prefer to know what happens to images and videos of me but I no longer have a video recorder.