I work in Boston , which is notorious for it's windy streets.  I am a woman executive working in the Hancock Tower .  At  5'10" tall and  117lbs , not exactly a heavyweight .  One day as I walked out of the building , the wind was blowing so hard , it lifted me off the ground , dropped me on my rear , and then proceeded to blow me away ,skidding me along down the sidewalk over 100 feet before someone was able to grab me and hold me down . It was  so embarrassing .  Another  time , the wind was blowing hard and I had to hold on to a street sign to keep from being blown away. As I clung to the pole , a huge gust of wind lifted me off the ground and sent my legs flailing out behind me as I tried to hold on for dear life . I knew if I ever lost my grip , the wind would have carried me away .  Shortly after , people who saw the incidents began calling me lightweight , featherweight , and blow away barbie doll .  It is so humiliating to have people see the wind blow you away , but it is nearly impossible for a 120lbs. woman to stand up in a 60-75 mph wind without being taken off her feet . Several other women , and even some larger men have been blown over near the building . Sometimes it's so bad ,they close off the sidewalks ,and you cannot go out because the wind will just blow you away , as I found out the hard way . One day I left the building all dressed up in my lined red wool suit , a white silk blouse , tall black patent high heels , matching purse , and a cute red hat . I immediately knew it was windy , so I held on to my hat . I stepped outside and started walking up the street . After taking only a few steps , the wind hit me with the power of a hurricane . My hat was pulled off and blown down the street . I tried to brace myself against the wind , but it was too strong . My tight skirt prevented me from spreading my legs and even pressing down with all my weight , the wind began pushing me backwards as the soles of my high heels simply slid along the concrete . The wind was literally blowing me away !  I was blown backwards about 50' , then blown flatly to the sidewalk . Before I could even get up , the wind rolled me over , then over again , and again . The wind was blowing me away bodily . I was rolled over and over , then I felt the wind lift me right off the ground and blow me through the air . I was carried some distance , before being  blown back down on the sidewalk ,as I continued to be blown away down the street . Finally , I was blown up against a fire hydrant and held on to it for dear life . Suddenly ,there was a large man standing next to me . He said ," Put your arms around my neck ". I did , and he just lifted me up in his arms and carried me into a building . Once inside , he put me down and said , " You shouldn't be out in this wind . You need to put on a little more weight missy . Why no wonder the wind blows you away , you are as light as a feather ." I thank him for helping me ,but I was so embarrassed . We talked for some time and later started dating . Eventually , I married him . Several other people were blown down the street that day including one woman who was picked up by the wind and blown against the building with such force that her shoulder was shattered .
       For one of our anniversaries , we rented the vertical wind tunnel amusement for a private session . If anyone ever wants to feel what it is like to have the wind blow you away , try one of these . I got dressed up in a silk dress with full skirt and heels . With my husband standing on the side , and me in the center , they started the wind . At about  70- 75 mph , the wind was strong enough to lift me off the ground and blow me away . He reached out , grabbed my arms and held on to me as the wind was blowing me away in front of him . This is how we met , and it was so exciting and romantic to be rescued by my man again .  Anytime it is windy now , he will always keep his strong arm around my waist to keep me from blowing away .
      And to answer the comment , yes . I,  like most women in the building, have had my dresses and skirts blow right up exposing us . Yes, it is embarrassing and humiliating , but also somewhat excitng .

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...was your husband wearing a suit and tie when you met him??

Dear Suitguido,

To answer your question , no . He was a Lieutenant in the fire department , and was satationed on the one of the windy corners to assist people around the corner. He was in his full fireman's gear , callout coat , helmet and all . He saw me getting blown away , ran after me , picked me up and carried me inside . He has been my hero ever since . Married 31 years and counting ! Thank you for your question .

To add more about your comment, my girlfriend is exactly the same way. She loves it when her skirt blows up but only in front of me. I actually have a really good story about her skirt in a windy day too.

Yes I understand that. As a man, I like to see skirts blow up, however I do realize that, at least most of the time, that women do not want to show themselves to other people. I do sympathize with those women.

Though the wind has given you some troubles, I am glad that it brought you and your husband together. What makes your skirt blowing up so exciting to you?

Wow that sounds so sexy! Did your skirt ever blow up?