Sesame Street

When I was younger I used to always watch Sesame Street.  One day there was this episode and in one of the skits this dude was being blown away by the wind.  He grabbed onto the lamp post so he wouldn't fly away.  Ever since I saw that episode, I would think that the wind would carry me away.  So whenever I was outside and a gust of wind kicked up, I'd grab onto the nearest stable object to prevent myself from blowing away.  Thankfully my mom told me that the wind can't carry you away.  :D
Jaggie Jaggie
4 Responses Oct 12, 2007

I completely agree with gwtw. There have been plenty of occasions when I have seen women blown away and even lifted up by powerful winds.

At the risk of disagreeing with what your mother told you , I think you might want to read some of my experiences with the wind . gwtw

Hmm, not too long. I can't really remember when I stopped thinking that.

that is really sweet. :) so how long did you do that?