Some People Dont Deserve To Be Trusted

Why would u trust someone after all they have ever done is lie to you? Well maybe ur excuse is "they promised they would stop" or "I just have a big heart" or even "they aren't lying they just don't tell whole truths" why should you have to try and make up excuses for these meaningless people I mean seriously if your are going to lie 1. Make it believable 2. Make sure the person doesn't already know the truth 3. Don't admit ur fault then promise to never do it again when u know damn well u will I don't understand y people lie or cheat or steal or anything to be named dishonest y would u want that if someone can explain that to me please do
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

True... but until we trust and fail we won't know. What I have learnt is to place trust on people, slowly and see how they perform.. and similarly I see how much trust they place in me, to see whether they care for what they have entrusted in me. These should happen while the relationships build, so we know whether the person is trustworthy or not.. No point placing all trust or taking up all trust in an assumption, and repenting later. People in general do this mistake in a rush, and only want to curse or repent later, but never mellow down.

And most importantly, one person failing doesn't mean, the other would fail.. Generalising is another major disaster leading to untrustworthiness on the whole.