Anybody remember jockstrap checks. We would be lined up in gym for calisthenics and everyone would have to pull his shorts down to their knees and coach would check off your name if you had on a jock. If you weren't wearing one you had to run the bleachers. This happened about once a month.
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Always had to report in shorts in gym for caning on the bare and wore a jock strap conceal the erection I inevitably got but not gone un priced by the punishment master who would give a extra two strokes normally.

Here,in the U.S.,though jocks were mandatory,we never had "inspections",like you mention. HATING those 3 inch wide,waistbands,though,I stretched the rules by wearing a "swimmer's" model which only had a 3/4 inch waist to it.
Was I the ONLY one who got an erection the first time he pulled ANY style of jock,on? As if I ALREADY hadn't been interested in what other boys had hidden in their underpants,pulling on that jock started me on my way to having a lifelong fetish of supporters and underwear in general/

Hello mate - at my school in the united kingdom, we were required to wear a jockstrap for PE, sports and army cadets. In PE it was easy to inspect as our addidas shorts were really short and the leg straps would be exposed and hang down.

We had a gym uniform and had to wear it every day. Had jockstrap check before class everyday. Coach always had a box full of jocks and would make the guy pick one from the box to wear if he didn't have one on. The box jocks never got washed. You never knew how many times the jock had been worn. Some were really crusty. I would always offer to do the laundry on Fridays and pass out towles. Many times I would dump the box of jocks into the laundry to wash em too. He caught me once and then kept the box in his office after that. Made me wear a jock from the box every day for 2 months and would never let me pick, always picked one for me and made me put it on in front of all the other guys. This was a private school so he could get away with it. To this day, I get a hardon everytime I pull my jock on.

That's funny, I had forgotten about the box of jocks - we had the same thing! If a boy was bad or didn't have a jock they were given one from the scary box and they were guaranteed to be left behind totally rank jocks!
We had our gym clothes in a small wire box thing stored at school. Once in a while stuff got stolen like your jock of course.
I had a t-shirt (and wow did it stink!), thin red shorts, my sneakers (Converse lo-tops in white) they were filthy and stunk like they were rotten, my white but horribly dirty and smelly socks and my sweat top and bottom. I also had to have a swim supporter which was skimpier than my regular jock and my cup support which had a pouch to hold this plastic padded groin protector. I had to wear the cup one for any impact sports which they felt was most things. It too ended up filthy and smelling like crazy all on its own especially since this stuff ever got washed!

Though I can assure you that I never stole YOUR jock,if I was ever alone in my locker room's aisle,and another guy's wayward jock was lying about,I would surely ****** it up to use in my nightly ******** sessions.

Our coach had random jockstrap inspections - we just had to pull our shorts down enough to pull up the leg strap so he could see that we were wearing it. Like most of high school, it seemed kind of stupid. Making someone run the bleachers without a jock seems even worse -- ouch !

In my private high school, we had PE uniforms. Gray tshirt and green polyester shorts (really short, looking back). Student's last name and first name initial were on each piece. We were required to wear an athletic supporter with name printed on left side of tag (jocks were all BIKE purchased at school). Names were there for weekly laundering.

We had to show a leg strap at start of PE, and we had to shower after PE. Showers were the pole type with 6 heads on each...3 total in the shower area.

Sophomore year, I did the laundry.

Ours were that stiff polyester. Green with yellow piping. Briarcrest Saints.

did you sniff the jocks ?

did any kids have boners in them?

why was that ?

I had the exact same "jock check" every gym class.

At my boy's grammar school only those in senior school teams, mostly prefects, were allowed to wear jockstraps. I remember the smell of them being boiled in a saucepan when I went to the prefect's room to be slippered for breaking school rules.