Punished By My Aunt


My fem name is Loni and I have been dressing in feminine clothes since 5 or 6. I was at my aunt’s house for the weekend and I was picking on my brother who was a year younger than me. Auntie got mad about the fighting and said that since I was older and was picking on my brother she was going to punish me.

She took me to her bedroom and forced me to ***** naked. She then put a bra, panties and pantyhose on me as I cried and tried to get away. I did not want to wear her clothes and began to try to get away from her. She dragged me to her bed and bent me over the edge and spanked me. I was told the more I fight her the longer I would be dressed as a girl. Humiliated, embarrassed and a sore rear I decided to stop fighting. She finished dressing me in a dress, ankle socks girls sneakers and a short curly wig. When I was turned toward the mirror I began crying again. I looked like a little girl and I hated her at that moment.

She told me that I would dress this way for an hour and that she would another hour every time that I started trouble or disobeyed her. As I followed her out of her room I was thinking I could go hide in the spare bedroom for an hour so my brother and the other kids would not see me dressed this way. At the doorway she told me she forgot something and to wait here for her. When she returned a moment later she told me that little girls could not go out to play until they were completely dressed. I told her I could not go out and play dressed like this. Kneeling in front of me she began putting light pink lipstick on me as she told me that I would be going out to play with kids and to remember that I would get another hour every time I miss behaved.

By the time we got to her front door I was crying again and earned my self another hour. Auntie walked me outside and told my brother and the other kid that were out playing that I was be treated like a girl because I had acted like one and they should come tell her if I was acting bad again. She left there with 6 other kids and returned to her house.

The other boys laughed, teased, called me names. This went on for 10 or 15 minutes then they decided that they had better things to do headed down the street. I curled into the corner of the front porch and cried until there was nothing left. As I settled down strange feelings were coming over me. Sitting there on auntie’s porch I began to realize the girls clothes I was wearing made me feel good. I did not understand what was happening to me but I found myself rubbing my legs through the pantyhose. I became a cross dresser that day. That night I sneaked into her room I took a pair her panties and some pantyhose. I wore the to bed and left them on under my jeans the next day and nobody knew.

That day led to years of going though aunties and eventually my moms when I was big enough to fit in her clothes. I am now 49 years old and I still dress any chance I get and my pantyhose and stocking fetish is still going strong.

LoniCD LoniCD
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Follow up to my previous response----what happened to you is known as "forced feminizaton" and there's tons of stuff about it on the internet. Love your story. Did she ever dress you up again or was this the only time? My Aunt forced me to wear her lingerie too when she caught me in her bedroom going through her panty drawer. Only once though, but I now fantasise about it and how I wish she would have dressed me up every time I came to visit!

Wonderful story darling. I'm so happy you shared with us :-)

Hey I'm 49 too and still love dressing! I started when I was about 7 and I put on my Mom's baby doll nightie. I was down in the clubroom ba<x>sement all alone. My Mom was upstairs taking a nap. I was watching an old movie on TV called "pajama party" and had lots of women dancing around in night gowns. I don't know what came over me but I saw my Mom's night gown hanging in the rear laundry room of the ba<x>sement and I took all my clothes off and put it on. It felt wonderful and from that day I was hooked. Many years later, I too began stealing my Aunt's panties and other lingerie and when I was about 17, my Aunt caught me in her bedroom and forced me to put on a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings and wear them under my clothes for the rest of the day as punishment. It was only this one time though and she has never said anymore to me about it.

Great story, I liked it.<br />
This never happened to me, but I used to wear all my Aunties lingerie and really liked the feeling next to my skin.

nice story carry nice memories

Great story do you still think of those days with your Aunty and wish you could relive te experience