My Aunt Caught Me ..

My aunt is 3 yrs older then me . My mom always dropped me off there when she worked overnights . I was around 11-12 my aunt was 14-15. I had always been stealing my aunts panties and cousins panties for some time now .. I like the silky feeling and soft fabrics. One weekend I had to stay the whole weekend because my mom was working overtime .

Being a only child where was I suppose to go . When it was time to change into pj's I would change in the bathroom and steal a pair of her panties from the hamper. I loved how they felt and how comfortable they were . I had a secret stash at home but could not take any here so I always improvised .. I found a nice light blue lace pair that fit nice and tight so mystuff would not move . I could tuck it under so it would not show . I would lie in the spare room rubbing myself and seeing how smooth it felt. This has been going on for at least 3-4 yrs because I was a only child and my mom wanted a gurl and I always wore my aunts hand me down's . yes even tights ( I was caught by the boys in school for wearing them - but that is another story. )

On this particular weekend I went to the bathroom several times for excuses - brush teeth - pee - wash up . Each time I went in I would change panties - Her bedroom was next to the bathroom so yes I would sneak into her drawers looking for pretty ones to wear ..
I found a nice frilly petticoat style but not so big and bulky .. So we were watching TV like usual when I took the ceramic horse from off the TV . I was pretending to make it gallop when I dropped it and the legs broke off .. My aunt got mad and pants me and said here you need a spanking for breaking our horse .. To her surprise I was wearing her pink frilly petticoat panties .. She hells at me some more what are you thinking wearing my undies . Like other boys the excuse is I wanted to see how they ( felt ) on my skin. I wanted to see what the fuss was about .

Well she said she has noticed over the years panties have been missing and disappearing . Now she has a clue why . Her nieces even told her at their house they had the odd panties and pantyhose missing from time to time .. So there was a panty stealing gnome whoops it was me .. My aunt asked me the usual why when how long ? I said it's the first time but too many other clues added up to this so yes I was busted .. She knew I liked gurls clothes and always worn them because of the hand me downs all my life since I was born ..

Till this day being 45 I only own and wear womens clothes . Most you can only tell from the labels - I always wear tights or pantyhose all winter long even to bed .. I have a vast collection of panties of every style color and fabric ...

let me know if like -- I do have more stories

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im love your strory , me to im love wearing pantyhse and im wear my cousine when i have 12 year olds

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Love that story. I am 64 yo man and I have done this all my life

as you slide on Aunts silky knickers are so exciting especially as you Adjust your **** and balls in the silky knickers....sheer bliss.

i once secretly videotaped my aunt changing in my room when she was down for a visit...i remember the rush of rewinding the tape to see if i caught her..and i did!! i remember her white bra and her huge breasts spilling over the top and her chubby mature body bouncing as she changed her clothes...i kept that video for years and jerked off to it many times...i still to this day jerk off in my aunts bathroom everytime we visit and *** all over her day i hope she catches me in the act and sees my huge ****!!! something is so hot about wanting to **** your aunt...and im lucky to have such a sexy busty one!!! ****** is wrong but ******* your aunt is okay in my books!! especially if you get her to treat you like a little boy and nurse you with her big **** while you lie on her lap getting jerked off while sucking a set of huge mature ****

I used to go in her room and sniff her panties

i do that to it gives me a *****

So what happened? Did she punish you?


I am another panty boy who was caught by his Aunt , like yourself she was only a little older than me . I did post my story in here someplace just can't think of where right now . We remained close over the years and I was "forced" to wear panties and nylons quite a bit .

Hi Teasy<br />
Yes I do like that story, tell me more.

My Aunt caught me too when I was about 17. (I'm now 49). Read my story about it! "Forced to wear Lingerie by my Aunt" by Hotgarters. Basicly, same as you. Been stealing her panties for years and was in her bedroom going through her panty drawer when she walked in on me!! A lot of yelling, etc. and then she forced me to wear a bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings under my blue jeans and polo shirt for the rest of the day. That was many, many years ago but I still visit her about once a year and she never says anymore about it.