My Aunt's Clothes And Me

I like my aunt's clothes, especially her underwears, especially her worn unwashed underwears.
Now i am a student of a university. My parents live far away from the city where my uni is located. So i moved to my uncle house 2 years ago.
She is not my relative aunt, just my uncle's wife, about 10 years older than me.
Well, I must say I am a guy who has girl soul inside. I wanna be a girl very much. But in other side i like girls ,not boys. and i have a girlfriend. How can i talk about me! I am a bisexual guy.
almost all of the time,my uncle and my aunt go out. so I am alone at home. it is the chance for me to wear like a girl. I wear her panty, her bra, her blouse and her skirt everytime i am alone. (not caught yet) everytime I wear them, I feel I become a girl and feminine. It is so enjoyable. I adore this feelings.
In other side, I feel i am loving my aunt. She is so sexy, always wearing sexy clothes. My penis erect whenever I look at her and she is near me. I like her smell. So i kiss her worn unwashed clothes when she is away. especially her panties. I think the smell are so nice to me. My heart is rapidly beat.
I steal them and keep in my room for 2-3 days before she wash them. Everynight I wear them including her worn blouses, skirts, bras, panties and sleep while wearing them.In my dreams, i have sex with my aunt.
Outside, I am an honest boy who respect elders.
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Kool story. I too like to wear sexy panties. It started when i was 13 years old. On weekends my parents would drop me off to my cosins house and spend the weekends with them. One weekend i forgot to pack my boxers and I told my cousin that we need her mom to drive us to the mall so I can buy some undies. But my aunt and uncle had plan that they cant drive us to th mall. My cousin told me that I could wear her panty instead. At first I didnt want to but I also didn't want to wear my boxers for to long. So after my shower I went to her drawer and picked a nice yellow floral G-string and put it on. it felt so good and so comfy and i had a hard on. Then later that day sheasked if I was wearing her panty and i told her yes. She smiled and asked if she could see which one I'm wearing so I showed her, she had a smile and said that I look sexy. She was 17 at that time. She then told me that I should just wear panties all the time, and I told her that I wasn't gay. She said that I dont have to be gay to wear panties. So since then when I hang out with her on the weekend I would wear her sexy panties and sometimes her mom's sexy panties. Thats how I was introduced to wearing panties and been loving it since.

you should try her

How should I try? She is my uncle's wife. My uncle loves me so much.

I;m just like you the same experience and the same feelings I used to have with my sister's underwear I really understand your feeling because I tried such things and it's normal feeling towards her keep doing it I encourage you trust me I do it always.

Did you ever think about dressing up for your Aunt? What kind of woman is she? Try and feel her out. Try bringing up the subject of crossdressing and see what she says and how she feels about it. If you think she is indiferent, put on her lingerie and one of her dresses and high heels and walk into the room to see how she reacts. I am waiting for the chance to dress up in a french maid outfit for my Aunt. A few years ago around halloween, I mentioned to her that I wanted to dress up as a french maid for halloween and she thought it was a fantastic idea! She loved the thought of it!! So, when I get my chance, I'm dressing up for her and just casually walking into the room.

Your advice is good. I love her so much not knowing any reason. I cherish her clothes.