I Used To

Wow, its not until you see these groups that you remember things from when you were younger! I havent thought about this in years, but yeh I used to wet my bed right up until leaving primary school at 11 years old. Then I had a couple of occasions when I was a bit older, but one offs!
I have no idea what caused it, and it was hugely embarrassing. Dad smacked me a fair few times for it because he must have thought it would stop me. But it hardly helped, its not like I was doing it on purpose. It just made it worse and made me worry about it more.
I did it at a friends sleepover once and the mum had to get my things washed. My friends giggled like mad at me but didnt say much about it. I was so upset I could have died!

If I ever have kids Im gonna be easier on them if it happens to them I hope!
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When I turned 12 I started wetting the bed every night. My parents thought I was doing it on purpose and spanked me for it. That's why my mom put me back in diapers.

I remember the terrible time I suffered at the hands of my mother because I wet my bed too , If I have kids that wet their bed will handle it way better than my mom handled my situation

I wish I was able to say I used to wet the bed, but it still happens. At least I have never got smacked for it though.