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I worked at McDonalds for two years to the date. I made so many friends and had tons of fun. My best friend was a manager which made me get away with EVERYTHING! Then, her brother became a manager as well... OMG! MORE FUN!!! He's awesome. He always hit on me though, I didn't like him. Wasn't my type... but thats what he did. He was a fun guy though as well.

I did everything from cashiers, cleaning, drive-thru, food prep, everything.. If I would have stayed another year, they would have made me manager when I turned 18. BUT! One of the other managers, never really liked her, she was bi-polar and just really ticked me off.

"HEY SUNSHINE!" ---- is what she would call me... I HAVE A ****** NAME LADY! Don't call me your sunshine. But then the next second, she'd be screaming at me. WTF?

So yeah, even though everyone loved me there, I had to get out of there, had to move on. So I did.

I will always remember the memories and the good times we had there. We had food fights, ice and water wars, ranch sauce wars, mac-sauce wars, we threw pickles and chicken nuggets, all in front of our customers. As we always said. "World's Best Crew"

I will also never forget the friends I made there. We still hang out here and there when our schedules allow us, but they will never be forgotten. The only way I would go back, is if the one manager who was bi-polar was gone. Otherwise forget it.

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1 Response Jul 22, 2007

Its good to remember the good times and dont let people bring you down, some of these manager type people get a buzz when they crap on your day, makes them feel important, they're not worth your time when they F* up your day.. with their attitude, its good that you enjoyed some of your time working there coz she can't take away the good memories...