"The Girl Within"

“The Girl Within”


Inside my body trembles, my heart is beating fast,


God help me to escape the memories of my past.


My mother smelled of alcohol, my Dad had left our home,


And no one saw the little girl who was so all alone.


Worries going through her mind, about her family ties.


No one knows her secrets and all her hidden lies.


Everything was understood, there were no rules to play,


The girl she knew the game, she learned it day to day.


As a mother and a father, she played her role so well,


She would help her Mom to bed and promise not to tell.


The other children at her school, they never came to play,


and no one even noticed as she turned and walked away.


All the years went right by and she grew up so fast,


And now the little girl still lives within her past.


Hoping for the shining prince who will take away her pain;


she is willing to take care of him, with nothing else to gain.


Reality it always comes and it always seems so hard,


there are no shining princes, no answers in the cards.


So when this nightmares over, it will have only been a dream;


a dream with new beginnings that  I create for me.




Dreamweaver58 Dreamweaver58
51-55, F
Oct 15, 2011