I Barely Remember Writing This One

am i breathing? am i struggling to hold on another day?
am i dieing? is my soul breaking free to another plane?
its certainly not easy for you to plainly see
the decomposition of the man inside of me
here i come, i'm leaning over to whisper in your ear
please do something, anything to eradicate this fear
i feel i'm loosing my control
like i'm only part of a whole
i need healing for my soul

was she crying? was that tears running down her pretty face?
i think she was lying.  she was breathing so hard it looked like she'd run a race.
i think about the past, the present, here and now
and i  wonder if we'll make it in the future somehow
only god really knows
exactly how the future will unfold
that's just the way that it goes

am i winning? is first place really where i want to be?
or am i loosing? sleeping soundly at the base of the old tree.
I don't need all the answers to live my life with you
because if had them there'd be nothing left to do
there'd be no challenge in the world
would be no stones left to hurl
and i'd most surely loose my girl.

intothewoods intothewoods
Dec 22, 2008