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this is a story about some stuff that I believe is really going on now don't get me wrong people I have met some pretty righteous people online but I believe that about 80% or so of what's going on is not real the Internet is full of people not mentioning the ones I've met already pretty much of the Internet is full of scammers and users and losers that needs to get a life I really thought that the Internet was created for people to help each other and  for people that are shut in you know those people that cannot get out and about for what ever reason that there would have a way to stay in contact with the world and give them a piece of mind but it seems to me that the computer world virtual reality is as dangerous as the real world and the real world the world outside of computers is a very dangerous place indeed in my opinion you have people robbing each other and killing each other and raping each other and stealing from each other but nobody has ever warned us that I know of LOL that the computer world virtual-reality is as dangerous to our health if not more dangerous i'm not saying that everybody you meet online these days is a user or a scammer or a taker there are some pretty decent folks out there and I have met some of them but the other part is that there are people out there that are screwing up the Internet for us normal folk people that just want to talk to other people people that just want to have fun but I guess people have to educate themselves become computer savvy become computer smart like StreetSmarts I have came across some people on the Internet believe it or not that are not who they say they are i always knew and wondered if the person you were talking to on the other end is actually who they say they are you might be thinking that you are talking to a woman or a man that is like 36 years old but in reality they might be an 85-year-old person you might be thinking that you're talking to a woman but in reality it might be some old dude you never know I was always wondering about that I was wondering how that was possible but when you fill out the information to create a profile on what ever website you're on the idea of a person that could do this they are dishonest enough to do this I personally am honest enough to tell people the truth so I figured if I was honest to a fault that there are other people in the world like me that are honest to but on the Internet you can be who ever and what ever you want and put up any picture you have laying around or steal from a magazine or something like there are a lot of misguided fools out there that are trying to steal your identity scam old people out of their pension fund there are even people out there that are asking complete strangers to send them money for what ever reason you might be thinking that you're talking to a woman or a man from New York for example but in reality they might be from a whole different place like Africa or something like that you heard that saying that buyers beware well computer users beware to LOL you never know who or what you're talking to on the other end of the computer just saying no wonder this world is going to go to hell in the bread basket LOL people are so wicked and stupid and very dishonest this does not go for everyone but for every one honest person out there there are two dishonest people LOL in my opinion now why can't people just get along ant  life short enough as it is don't we have enough to worry about these days without worrying about who or what is stalking in our computer or hacking our computer I bet you 10,000 to 1 that if these people that are creating viruses and hacking our computers would just put their power to good use instead of evil they could probably come up with the cure for the common cold LOL or maybe even cancer have they ever thought about that it makes you wonder doesn't it I know that there are some good people out there I have met some but it seems to me that there is more evil than good people but that's just me talking LOL I have no idea why people have to be so rude and crude and totally unacceptable to each other why can't we all just try to get along I bet you if we all just learn to just get along with each other there will be no need for war but again that's just me talking maybe I'm the only one that thinks that way and there would not be no need for people to shoot each other rape each other rob each other or even beat up each other that sounds good in theory but in reality it doesn't hold water LOL maybe in a perfect world but this world is not perfect is it will that is just my story for now I guess I'm just fed up and reached my limit of people being hurtful to each other and very despicable to each other I am just too tired I guess of people on the Internet trying to scam me and each other it's just not right in my opinion but I guess that's something we have to put up with like every other evil in this world I just needed a place to vent to let off a little steam
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What you say is true but l find it best to concentrate on the decent folk and if my instict makes me feel even a 'teeny bit uneasy' l ignore them and even block some of them. But there are many who just wish to share experiences in order to help others..this is what Ep is for but like everything in life there will always be those who wish to destroy anything good gives them a malicious 'kick' they are sick. l think on the good in life not the bad because if we keep seeing only the bad the nasty sick minded people win.

I totally agree with you we should concentrate more on the good in people not that bad the good will triumph over evil this I believe but it seems to me right now that there is more evil in the world than good but that just means that good will sneak up on people evil people and kick them in the butt

I agree with you topdog1109.