Not Ussualy.

I won't just start random small talk, or discus my day with you. Unless you cantact me we probably won't end up talking at all.

Issac95 Issac95
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i don't mid it but then you can't tell if that person actually wants to talk to you or not.

Yes, perhapes it's not that I hate small talk but forced talk, obligatory talk.

Sometimes small talk just seems too artifical and forced to be enjoyable. Most people arent willing to delve into discussions baout philosophy and the deeper aspects of life through everyday conversations.<br />
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Exactly, small talk is for life, in this place we have a unique oportunity to dig into something with a little meat on its bones.

Hello. How are you? The weather's nice today isn't it? Blahh blah blah blah blah? Oh yes, and blah blah blah balh right? Yes hahaha...<br />
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I don't care for small talk much. I've had to do it several times but I'm rubbish at it and it's painful.

Yes, I tend to keep to myself.<br />
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Oh and... ****, damnit, crap, ***, god damn flunkn' spelling. Oh well.

Haw, haw. Funny guy's got all the jokes.