It's Not That Scary, You're Overthinking The Worry In Your Mind.

Used to be like this incarnate, where as now I'm alot better.

However, do any of you get that feeling like, if you initiated a conversation, you're just "bothering someone", because you feel "if they wanted to talk to you, they'd talk to you first"?

It's a silly reason really, but alot of us tend to fall into that trail of thought without realizing it.

Most of the time, if you initiate the conversation, the other person is thrilled that you took the time to talk to them, because they might be sitting there with the same or similar mentality, "if others wanted to talk to me, they would, why should I start it if I'M going to bother THEM?"

Sometimes, people will be too busy to talk, other times they are honoured that you would want to talk to them, it's a nice feeling.

You won't find out if you don't try.

No one's saying you have to be the life and soul of a party, or become drinking buddies with everyone out there, but you gotta follow your heart. Those you want to talk to, choose those people to talk to, there's a silent courage inside of you, and it's there for a reason.

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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Hi MorningBreeze, thanks for the comment!<br />
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I'm glad it made you happy, it did the same for me writing it. Honoured I could help you out.<br />
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It's a double edge sword really, a stalemate situation. But if both people, from opposite ends, are WANTING to talk to each other, but feel shy or embarassed then (Captain Obvious moment) they do want to talk to each other.<br />
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And that feeling is still there, hovering. Alot of people who feel alone are probably, most likely, in this situation, I know I have been, more than once.<br />
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What people need is something to break the ice. Personally I've found that it helps if the other person has done something in their life, or is searching/attempting to achieve something, or whatever. Because basically, you have grounds to talk, you can ask them questions about their doings.<br />
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And alot of people like it when other people take an interest in them.<br />
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You go on from there, as if the energy flowed naturally.

You brought a smile to my face. lol... This is a very good, cool post. Thanks, i needed to read that, been feeling exactly what you wrote. *smile* <br />
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Yup, if we all had that attitude.... didn't want to bother someone... lol... we'd all be quite lonely... huh... maybe that is why we are lonely. So.... who is going to be the brave one...?<br />
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anyways, wonderful post.