Poem #139 Paranoid. Who Me?

Now, you all know I've never been
the least bit paranoid,
but there are people out there
who get me quite annoyed.

I never really see them,
they're always out of sight.
but they're there, oh yes, they are.
I just know I'm right.

I can feel them staring.
I know they're right behind me.
I run away and try to hide,
but somehow they always find me.

They're always talking, always laughing.
I wish they'd go away.
but, if they don't....they'll find out
I'll pay them back someday.

One day they'll see I've doubled back
when their ids begin to itch.
it'll be my turn to talk and laugh!
Ain't payback such a *****?
Serenitree Serenitree
70+, F
5 Responses Sep 8, 2011

we are gunna get me

All of us are out to get all of youse. So look out, Buddies, we are coming.

how about earplugs .....?

Earplugs don't make a difference. Your id still gets itchy.

itchy...?...take a shower...

Showering doesn't stop the invisible stalkers. The id still itches. Showers stop the skin from itching, but not the id.

they are not after you,they are after me,and you are with them

Nuh-uh!! These are MY stalkers. Go get your own.

Loved it !!! Maybe that's my problem....I spend to much time listening to them

Yeah, then what you have to do is make a U turn and start making their ids itch.

grant, this ROCKED!! You just "ace" that whole iambric pantameter stuff tho!! I know, I probably killed that spelling..... I know about putting wirds to a "meter" I just can't do it to save my life! :O<br />
<br />
Sometimes folks stink and they do rotten things.....I'm gettin down with that notion.... I don't think it's making me paranoid...Maybe, just a little more "lippy" tho, in standing up for myself!! :D

Sierra, I know nothing about iambic pentameter or any other of those poetry terms. I haven't ever studied the art of writing poetry. I just write what I think, and if it rhymes great, and if it has some rhythm, then so much the better. This one seemed to come together just right. I had fun with it.

Oh sure i sit in 2 semesters of this stuff and can't do much more then a sad Dr. Seuss and you sit down and just "WING IT!" It still rocks! it just means you're a TOTAL natural with it!!