Food Glorious, No Really It's Fukking Not. I Assure You.

I recently got had up at work about eating.  There's a culture at my work place where everyone eats with the kids at morning tea time.  They go off on their breaks like 20 minutes afterwards - but the ritual is that everyone sits and chills round this time.  One *ahem* I hate to call her team member...decided that I wasn't worthy of such a thing in the work place because I start a little later.  Now I don't get breaks till it's almost closing time so wasn't too worried per say.  But have you ever tried sitting in a room full of up to 40 people all eating and not do it yourself?

I'm not talking dragging in a 3 course meal either here, I'm talking a muslie bar or a small packet of chips.  This woman made a complaint, dragged me off the floor one afternoon and told me that I wasn't entitled to anything.  Hell she sat there and bear faced lied about so called "complaints" - which have turned out to be untruthful, and imaginary about the whole thing.  She herself works basically the same hours than me, and will leave the floor to make herself her 'meal' it sure ain't no snack....tells the kids to leave her alone she is eating - for what takes the entire children's meal time.  The difference?  She's the boss... she even brought it up in the middle of a staff meeting no less - months after the first discussion was "sorted out and done with".

Now see, I don't eat.  That's been my problem for so many friggin years.  Many years of self abuse have gotten me to where I am today and I'm paying for it.  I'm anemic, I have wonderful black rings around my eyes that concealor won't get rid of, the stress brings on stomach upsets and my asthma plays up something cronic.  All health complaints that relate to having had a diet where I refused to eat for days on end.  I finally started to get into a healthy habit, and this starts.  I know it's all a power play with her, and I'm starting to learn these things.. but fukk me it has stressed me out a treat.  I'm even ripping myself apart day and night because I'm constantly paranoid about eating anything again.  

I worked so hard to get myself into a healthy frame of mind, and I've let some over inflated ho bag tear me a new one.   

Somebody, anybody give me strength not to shove my fist so hard into her mouth that she has to shove her god damn mothering ******* tooth brush up her arse to brush her teeth in the coming weeks.  I have 10 and counting..


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hi I know she thinks see has the power,,but we all know that as easy as she gets power she can also lose it. not that I don't think your way would not be satisfying in the moment , but then you would have no <br />
job.So can you get a doctor to give you a note telling her she has to give you a break every two hour . or is their someone above her you can talk too. if not then I say find a new job and on your way out go with plan A.LOL hope it works out for you.

hahahaha really? I once got told I was cute when angry.... but yeah he don't like me no more.<br />
<br />
She's special all right, this is what happens when you gain a taste of power and think the world owes you and you should bow, scrape, beg, and wallow because her ego needs it. You could say she fell off her pedistool well and truly!