“We Find A Drifter, Kill Him, And Cut Out His Heart! Nobody's Gonna Miss Him, Right? It's The Perfect Plan!"

I’m just trollin’ here. I’m not that paranoid. But a funny thought came into my head a while ago. I recently got my full driver’s license and in the mail with my license came a registration form to be an organ donor. I think it’s a great thing. One organ and tissue donor can save up to 8 lives and enhance 75 others [cite]. I really think it should be a mandatory thing I mean cause really, what does a dead guy need a potentially reusable pancreas for? It’s a good system.

But then this weird thought comes to me, speaking words of…paranoia to me. On the form, there is a row of boxes that can be checked out indicating which organs you’d prefer to keep stitched in you after they do a good harvest. It includes your kidneys, heart, eyes, bones, liver, lungs, skin and pancreas. Now, I was just half-joking to myself but I wondered, if there were some rich, billionaire ***** out there who was suffering from some kind of terminal illness brought on by a faulty organ and of course, like the self-absorbed, self-important son of a ***** he is who considers his life to be several times more important than the next guy, he obviously wouldn’t be too accepting of an early death. I mean, he’s too successful to die. He’s earned his money through his inborn exceptional merit and he won’t be able to live the rest of his life to enjoy it? He can’t accept such an injustice, can he? Of course these would be the thoughts going through the mind of such a self-absorbed, self important *****, but what would stop this guy from paying a staff member of the ServiceOntario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care a handsome amount to look the other way while he gets to shuffle through all these consent forms looking for some unlucky blokes who wouldn’t mind having the much sought-after organ ripped out of his lifeless corpse seconds after he’s dead? Then he could hire a private investigator to fish around for some guy who has given consent and who isn’t really too influential in society. Somebody who won’t really be missed. Some rejected loser whose death happened all so suddenly and wouldn’t cause too much of a stir to find out the truth. Then, simply get a hired gun and bam, a couple of days later, find your sorry *** dead in some bizarre freak accident…but a seeming accident nonetheless. Of course with your precious organ still intact. Greedy, selfish, self-important billionaire ***** numero uno, your dead liver-robbed corpse nada.

I’m freaking out man! But nonetheless, I’ll still give in the consent form. I don’t think I’ll need them. Just don’t be surprised if you find myself a couple of weeks from now in some cuckoo accident involving slipped-over mozzarella cheese and a conveniently placed nail file. Farewell.
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I'll check it out bluerose89.<br />
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pfradio34 uh, this is where it kind of gets awkward...I'm actually not going to be homeless anymore. I bitched out lol. But don't do it (especially if some of your region's climates occasionally have sub-zero temperatures). Just keep on hanging in there. Take the time to sniff around and find something you love in this world. I've found interest in environmental-related stuff. I'm doing an environmental technician program in college now. It's cool. You get to learn about wastewater treatment and government regulations and all. I'll admit, I still feel pretty **** at times but it's not all bad. I take solace in the idea that that 2012 apocalypse bullshit is real lol.<br />
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Hey, you should totally get a-cracking on making stories so I can read 'em.

I followed your stuff, because I relate so much to pretty much everything you've written. Started with a Google search and basically found another person that shares so much in common with me. But you said you were going to be homeless (something I've thought about resorting to myself). Did you do it; did it work?? What are you (and me) going to do not to be complete failures in life??