Is The Door Locked?!

Did I check to see the doors locked? What was that sound outside? *Bump* OMG, what's in my bathroom?! These are thoughts that are almost always in my head, I'm so paranoid at night!
First off, I have to make sure every door is locked before going to bed. I'm so scared of robbers, kidnappers or murderers. I don't know why I have this fear, I guess I always had a wild imagination as a child and thought of that kind of stuff often. Whenever I hear a car going down my street at night, I always peek out my window to make sure it keeps going down the street and not into my driveway! Any little noise outside makes me jump out of bed and check all over to be sure nothing harmful could be out there.
My bedroom is also connected to my bathroom, and I hate it when my bathroom door is left open. It's dark in there at night, and I always get the sense that someone is watching me, even though I know it's not the case. I also sleep in my basement, which makes looking out of my doorway creepy, considering how creepy and dark it is down there at night.
I don't believe in monsters, but seeing so many scary movies about ghosts really sometimes makes me freak out. For anything from something like Paranormal Activity to happen would kill me, and I already almost die of mini heart attacks because of me scaring myself!
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1 Response Jan 9, 2012

My wife is like that . don't know why? but I can tell you that you will lose a lot of great experiences in life if you don't find out why you feel this way. please find out ,so you can have a better future. good luck