Paranoia And Change

It seems that paranoia hits me the worst whenever I feel a change coming along. For example, at the moment I feel like a change in career is pretty much inevitable as I am miserable doing what I do. However, as happy as it makes me to want to switch to a different company or job, I find that I am increasingly unsettled. I feel like other people are looking at me constantly, that the laugh across the room is directed at me regardless of whether I know the person or not and that someone is always outside of my house. I've come to acknowledge this paranoia so I don't necessarily give it as much charge over my actions as I used to. I would cower away from anything for the longest time, now I try to shrug it off from the outside, but still find it weighing heavily on my thoughts. As humans, we naturally resist change, so I think it is probably a natural thing for most people to react to a change that is happening or anticipated in a strange way whether they choose to acknowledge their discomfort or not. I think the positive aspect of this is the ability to acknowledge and be aware enough to understand that it is happening. Without that control in place the scenario can go out of control relatively fast and create a barrier between someone and their loved ones as well as create an automatic discomfort with strangers and any out of the ordinary situations.

Feeling this at the moment drew me to this group and this is my first day and post on this site. So far it is quite interesting to see all of the different people from different walks of life here. It's refreshing to know that regardless of what you are feeling at the time, a place like this exists where you can find people who can relate.
link80traina link80traina
26-30, M
Apr 4, 2012