This Is Ridiculous!

I hate how jealous i am sometimes! I get so paranoid that my boyfriend is looking at other woman or being unfaithful when he goes somewhere when im not with him. It's caused a lot of problems in our relationship and i hate it. This isn't who i am or who i want to be. I have really low self esteem and i know that's the reason for all this jealousy and paranoia but i just can't seem to get over it! this is driving me crazy:( anyone know anything i can do to stop this? I love my boyfriend and i know he won't cheat he is amazing and i don't want this to ruin our relationship:(
inawarwiththeworld inawarwiththeworld 16-17, F 1 Response Jul 11, 2012

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Hello:) I had the same problem for 5 months of my relationship and now we are in our 7 months and it's pretty much gone!. I hid what i felt and it was just eating me up untill the point i had to break. What I did is I sat down with my boyfriend and talked to him, I told him about all of my problems and he helped me to get rid of them, it washard for the both of us but we did it because we knew we love eachother so we got through it!:D things are now so soo much better and our relationship is just amazingly better! <br />
If I was you, I would talk to him about it and if he loves you he will help and stick by you! <br />
Pm me if you would like a chat about this or anything else! Xx