I Guess Everyone In This Group's Too Paranoid To Write

Don't blame you.  If anyone knew how paranoid you were they wouldn't talk to you for fear of frightening you!

Actually I really do have this problem - I always think people are thinking the most awful things about me.  But I've been proved wrong many times.  So they are not thinking as bad things as I think they are thinking, as often as I think they are thinking them.  Mostly they are thinking about themselves.

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Crystal Cat - and if they are, that's THEIR problem - not yours.

Ugh. I would think that all the time too! I'm so very insecure at times. My new medication has been helping me with that though.... I love my medication~ Hahahah!

I guess it'd be a bit obvious to say I agree with this, wouldn't it? I've talked with one or two of my friends about it a couple of times. During those conversations, I mentioned that I feel like I project thoughts I'd have about myself if I were the other person onto the other person. That is, if I'm talking a lot, I'll stop and apologize for monopolizing the conversation because, if I was the one listening to me, I'd be silently begging me to stop talking. Even though my friends assure me that they'd much rather listen than speak so they don't mind my ramblings, I still don't believe them. I feel like they're just saying that to make me feel better.<br />
<br />
But now I'm starting to rant or vent or something. (Ha ha! See? I did it again!) I'm trying to work on it, so we'll see how it goes.

I agree with you, I wish I would shut up half the time. :) I do think that people are talking about me behind my back even when I'm not looking. I know they do (a present from my friends) but I think bad things.

I agree with soooooomad. I believe we are our worst critics. I have been there sooooo many times. I don't even give people a chance to know me....I just see myself as dull, boring, weird, and not smart enough to talk with someone. I feel inferior! I am sooo hopeless. : (

hum. i guess we really are paranoids ahn?

and anyway, some people have been telling me to stop feeling paranoid as 'the world doesn't revolve around me'. i guess feeling that we're not the center of attention helps too, so we don't think that people are thinking bad things about us. hahaha.

haha yeah. i agree with sinlaw and sooooomad. i'm a pretty insecure person and lack self-worth, that's why i always feel paranoid. if we just believed in ourselves and can hold our heads up high, i guess we'd all be less paranoid.

Yes that feeling, im actually feeling that way right now.The only thing we could do is ask but that would be impossible.<br />
I think the problem is we just think a lot more than others. I guess like the poster above me wrote(long username...)It s more about insecurity, than anything else.

I think that's true! I've had soooo many experiences where I thought people were thinking awful things about me, thought that they hated me...and in reality, once I really talked to them, I realized that they were not thinking those things, they actually thought I was sweet as pie...and liked me...boy am I ever wrong sometimes. <br />
Why do we think that others think we're horrible?<br />
I think it has something to do with the way that we view ourselves deep inside. If we can change some of these beliefs that we have about ourselves, we will notice that other people don't really think these things about us either. <br />
What do you think? <br />
by the way....I'm not sooooomad anymore...it's great how moods don't last.....<br />
I wonder if I can now change my user name?...<br />
Hope to hear from you soon!

i LOVE this website man! it makes me realise that i don't face all my fears and weaknesses alone! I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS YOU DO ALL THE TIME! =O

When something causes me anxiety I start the paranoid feelings, but almost always! after all is 'said and done' it turns out to be so trivial and so welcome!

lmao!!! i didn't even have to read your story!! the title cracked me up!!

I 'think' that is very perceptive thinking!... Esp. the last sentence! Sad, isn't it??!!