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Things Don't Add Up

2+2=22? I think not. When people who "NEVER" lie to me start saying things that don't add up I tend to over annalyze. Well, you are contradicting yourself and trying to convince me I was mistaken, and successfully sometimes, about the first comment. I feel like people take advantage of the fact that I have a memory problem. I don't always forget, sometimes I remember quite well what was said so stop trying to convince me that I'm crazy! I'm crazy enough without any help from you.

After you try to convince me that I was mistaken about what was said, you imply to the other person that it was my fault you said the wrong thing..... ? I may have issues, but I'm not a complete and total idiot!
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong 31-35, F 1 Response Aug 26, 2012

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Just remember all are mad some just hide it better then others.told to me by a promanant psycologist