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Paranoid Lady

Car crashes. Shark attacks. Being name it. I am a paranoid lady.

I am afraid to answer my door if I don't know the person who is there. I will sit home at night instead of going out because I am afraid of being mugged. I am a terrible backseat driver because I am terrified of being a passenger without control. I got scared kayakking in the Keys because I was afraid of sharks.

I have problems.

impacteddiva impacteddiva 21-25, F 3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

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with me its always like someones out to get me or hurt me or is talking **** about me lol but not funny. im on meds for it. i hate that feeling that someone is always watching me, my thoughts ect.

snap i feel your pain its debilitating im scared of my own shadow

Buy and carry a gun