RUN!'s my example of a paranoid freak (which i lovingly call myself). Had a scheduled event last week. Survey thing that pays and I've done before. Well the night prior I started the panic attack. "What if it's one of those sting operations and I'm getting arrested". Yeah the worst thing I do is maybe speed and that's only when alone. So the day of I'm going nuts over it. i really needed the $ so i was going if it killed me. Parked across the street to see what was going on first... finally went to the parking lot and saw lots of mom types going in w/ the letter in their hand. "Maybe we're all going to jail". Needless to say, 45 minutes in I finally calmed a bit and once I left my stomach hurt so bad I started puking. I hate flying this high 'cause you start thinking things and seeing things and it's crazy. I'm starting new meds soon but boy what a ride!
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i wouldve been suspicious too. but mine wouldve been "oh jesus is this some kind of ***** photoshoot" or "what if ive just unwittingly put myself into a reality tv show and theres no way out?". paranoia is awful, but it can be quite entertaining in retrospect.