oh my god i can get paraniod over the stupidest things for example is i live right next to a hospital and i sometimes here helocopters flying people in seriouss condisions to a bigger better hospital in spokan WA  and it is normally at night but i start to freak out like hyperventallating and i cling on to a pillow or a blaknet until it is gone and i can't here the sound any more cause i always think that the heleocopter is going to crash into my home but it never happens and i am always telling myself it won't happen but i still freak out , another is there is this Dam reallly close to my town and if it were to brake it would flood the vally which is where most of the homes are except for a few on the hill but i always think it is going to brake and i am going to die i will be just walking around town i will stop dead in my tracks and i will just stand there for mintues at a time till i finally get up the courage to walk on i hate it i know the possibilites of these things happening are slim but i still seem to freak out over them alllll the time whats even worse is like i will be drinking a soda and i won't be able to finish it cause i think what there is like pooison or something in it and it could kill me it drives me nuts i hate being paranoid
wnbwja6 wnbwja6
18-21, F
Jun 20, 2007